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Welcome to the New QV Survey!

Interracial Dating! Have you ever dated outside of your race? We want to know the good and the bad of dating people of other ethnicities. We want to know if you faced any challenges from the outside world or if things were simply just cool.


1. What is your age?
2. What city and state do you live in?
3. What is your sexual orientation?
4. What is your ethnicity?
5. What is your e-mail address (optional)

Here are the questions...there are only 4!


1. How do you feel about dating someone who is not of your same race/ethnicity?


2. Do you think you could "settle down" with someone who is not of your ethnicity?


3. If you have dated outside your race, what (if any) issue came up because of cultural differences--either from within your relationship or from other people?

4. If you have dated outside your race, what were some of the positive aspects of dating someone outside your race?


That's it! Thank you for filling out this qvSurvey!


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