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Paulina Rubio--International Golden Girl
qvMagazine goes in depth with Paulina Rubio, one of the biggest international singing stars!
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Paulina RubioPaulina Rubio, known to many as "La Chica Dorada" (The Golden Girl), is sitting on top of the world. Her midas touch is in full effect with her latest album entitled, "Paulina", which is receiving international success and critical acclaim. In addition to singing, Paulina is also an accomplished television actress. In fact, last summer, she taped a variety show in Spain called "Viva El Verano." In it, she hosted, sang, and acted.

qvMagazine speaks with Paulina in an intimate and revealing interview about politics, life, and her latest album.
During the interview, Paulina looks stunning. She is wearing light make-up. Her lips are perfectly glossed. Her eyebrows are shapely combed, and she has light eye shadow, which accents her bright honey almond eyes. She's dressed glamorously, yet simply. Paulina explains, "I like to look at a lot of different fashion editorials, and then make my own combination out of it. I like to create a fashion-not follow it. I'll wear something new along with one of my grandmother's shawls or one of my mom's Kimonos. For me, to be 'in' is to be comfortable. I love jeans, white t-shirts, jackets, and my good luck items."

Not only is she beautiful, she is very intelligent as well. "I'm definitely a woman of the 2000s," she says. "I love culture. I love to read contemporary philosophers and compare my ideas with theirs-as well as to old philosophers who were very advanced with their ideas."

Paulina continues, "I believe that we as a people are advanced and always looking for better ways to do things. Look at Mexico and the new (leading political) party. I think that after being under the same regiment for 70 years, it's great that there is an opportunity for new options. As a result of the election, I think that Mexico will experience a new positive stage."

It's obvious that Paulina makes it a point to know what is happening in her home country of Mexico, but she also finds it fascinating to know what's happening all around her as she says she reads newspapers everyday. "I'm very into what's going on around the globe. My mind is very universal."

Paulina's knowledge of the world is evident on her latest CD, a self-titled disc on her new record label, Universal Records. About the influences on her new album, she explains, "Since my last record (1996's "Planeta Paulina"), a lot of things have influenced me, for example, the year 2000, the internet, and the energy around the Latin market. This album is sort of a synthesis of the end of a thousand years. I have rock, dance, techno, bolero, a ballad, and a fusion between Ranchero and hip-hop. It's like being able to create a fusion between my own culture and blend it with hip-hop, rock, or funk."

Paulina LivePaulina says she spent four years working on her latest album to get the fusion to sound right. She felt it was important to take her time and to give an honest performance, create innovative arrangements, and recruit a large diversity of high caliber contributors. Paulina says she even convinced very renowned composers to write songs for her-people such as Armando Manzanero, Juan Gabriel, and Estefano, just to name a few. About her collaborators, she adds, "These men have made history with their music." She then continues, "For them to want to share their music with me is cool-to say the least."

Because she spent four years to make the album, it is clear to see she didn't have any deadlines from the record company? Paulina confirms it and adds, "The cool thing about recording an album without having a deadline is that you can truly experience the emotion of a song. You experience sadness if it's depressing, or euphoria if it's happy. I experienced every emotion for each song. It wasn't like one day we'd do the happy song and then the sad one. When I did "Tan Sola," I cried. On "Lo Haré Por Ti," I experienced a little rebellion-it was more like me (she devilishly grins). "El Ultimo Adios" was like, "Get the f*ck out!" I've lived each story on this album-even going all the way back to my early hits like, "Ese Hombre es Mío" (That Man is Mine) and "Enamorada" (In Love). It has ALL happened to me."

She continues, "Song interpretation is a delicate thing because you have to have chemistry with the writer. With Estefano, he is the composer who knows me the best, and we spent two years working together. It's like someone who writes your biography. He has produced and written for artists like Shakira, Chayanne, and Ricky Martin, but the amazing thing is that none of the productions with those artists sound like mine. Estefano knows how to interpret me."

Paulina's album also reflects her love of the differences in life and cultures, especially the culture of Miami, Los Angeles, and Mexico. She adds, "All of those places have been essential in shaping me who I am today and in my songs, all of those places are heavily reflected."

About Mexico, she adds, "I love Mexico. I love to walk through the streets where I grew up. I love my animals, my dogs, my family, Mariachi's, and tequila-and that's what I bring with me wherever I go (Laughs)!
About Miami, she adds, "In Miami, I love it because it's sort of the capital of Latinos. It doesn't matter whether you're from Spain, or Mexico, it's simply a place where it seems like we are uniting more everyday."

Paulina Kicked BackAbout Los Angeles, Paulina says, "Los Angeles is very much a first world interpretation of Mexico. My parents have had a house there since 1980 and I love LA! Ever since I was a little girl, all my vacations were in Los Angeles, and it's where I got to experience "Flashdance," the Material Girl, and "The Goonies" (She reminisces with a smile)."
On her new album, every song is unique. As Paulina explains, "'Mirame' is very much Mexico and Santana. 'El Ultimo Adios' is very Mexico. But "Lo Haré Por Ti" is more free-more like Spain. 'Sexi Dance' is very LA-like a song at a Hollywood dance club. 'Tan Sola' also reminds me a lot of LA-kind of like saying good-bye to someone at an airport, and you see the plane leave. 'Cancun Y Yo' is undoubtedly Cancun. 'Tal Vez Quiza' could be anywhere, but it's about someone you love, who is not with you. It's probably the song that touches me the most." She proceeds to sing a verse so passionately.

After a moment, she continues, "Going back to living the songs-when I perform live, it's different than when I'm in the studio. When I sing live, there is so much energy bouncing back and forth. I'm usually wrapped up in communicating to the audience. It's like what I've learned from Deepak Chopra (a famous spiritual author who's written many books such as Ageless Body, Timeless Mind). He says that the law of energy, or karma, is both an action and a consequence. When I'm singing, that's an action, and the audience's feedback-even when the audience is singing with me-is the consequence. It's like when I'm on stage, I completely live that moment-the present. I feel free to do anything. It's where I feel the most comfortable."

Part of her freedom on stage means expressing herself that way she wants to. "I think when people go to a concert, they go to see something they can't usually see on the streets," she grins. "I like to be glamorous so I love the clothing and the big entrances. It needs to be SPECTACULAR!"

So when is her next concert, and what can we expect from it? Paulina says, "A lot. I'm going to have some gorgeous Drag Queens singing and performing with me. Plus, I've got someone who's with Cirque Du Soleil helping me with ideas-and let me tell you, this guy is art! I believe I'll be kicking off the tour in Las Vegas, probably around December (2000)."

About what about her QV fans? Paulina says, "Sometimes, it's more important to be truly loved than understood. I mean with love, anything is possible. It promotes creativity and dreams. So I'm always around QV people. In fact, some of my closest friends are QV. I love them and they love me. And in many ways, they enrich me with ideas and creativity."

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