qvMagazine Featured Artist: Moenia

qvMagazine Featured Artist:

Lead singer Alfonso Pichardo talks about his group's music and about qvMagazine.

-Photos and Interview by Luther Orrick-Guzman

In 1985, a nice brew started to blend in Mexico City that would eventually bring us Moenia, perhaps one of the most sensational Spanish Modern Rock Electronica bands of our times.

The band first started as a group of secondary school friends who called themselves "5Mentarios." These young men found influences from other popular Spanish and English groups of the time like Nacha Pop, The Cure, Duncan Dhu, Hombres G, The Smiths, Radio Futura, U2, Soda Stereo, and even Timbiriche 7. But the most evident influence on the band was Depeche Mode, their personal favorite.

After a few years, the band underwent a metamorphosis. By December of 1996, the group had changed its name to Moenia and released a self-titled album. This disc produced several international hits, including the songs, "No Puedo Estar Sin Tí" and "Déjame Entrar."

At the end of 1998, lead singer Juan Carlos Lozano decided to leave Moenia to pursue other projects. It was then that band member Alfonso Pichardo was asked to fill Juan Carlos' shoes and be the lead vocalist. The very next year, the boys released their current album,"Adición," and that disc has become their biggest album to date, spawning the megahit, "Manto Estelar."

During one of their special performances in the US, qvMagazine took some exclusive photos of the band and talked to Alfonso. To our surprise, when we asked the lead vocalist if he'd ever seen qvMagazine, he responded, "Yes!" with an affirmative nod. He then said, "I think it's a very stylish and important magazine."

So what does Moenia mean to the lead singer? Alfonso stated,"Moenia means many things to me. We offer a different and diverse alternative to all the rock en español music that is out there...Our intentions are to make music that is honest and of high calibre quality."

He then went on to explain that in order for someone to understand what Moenia is all about, he or she must listen to all of their albums to fully get the whole picture. He then used qvMagazine as a comparison: "I think that the majority of the people who read qvMagazine and have read it consecutively-issue to issue, back to back, will realize that the contents are diverse. I see Moenia the same way. You can't judge Moenia just by the single you hear on the radio. In order to find out how far we can go musically, you have to listen to and explore our albums. Just like you can't judge qvMagazine based on a cover or a single issue, either."

Currently, Alfonso and the boys just finished their tour, and are ready to take some time off from the business-but just a little time off: "With the completion of our tour," Alfonso pauses and smiles, "we plan to take a little break and then get back into the recording studio."

For more information about Moenia, please visit www.moenia.org


Albums Available From Moenia


Moenia (1996)


Mixes (1998)


Adición (1999)

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