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Missing Persons Warren and DaleMISSING PERSONS

LATELY, reunions have proven successful for a number of groups from the ‘80s. The latest reunion comes from new wave band Missing Persons, the band famous for songs like, “Destination Unknown,” “Words,” “Walking in LA,” “Mental Hopscotch,” and “I Like Boys!” qvMagazine spoke with two of the band members: female vocalist Dale Bozzio and guitarist Warren Cuccurullo during their sold out one-night concert at the world famous Roxy in Los Angeles.

The first of the Missing Persons to arrive to the interview is Warren Cuccurullo, a sexy Brazilian guitarist who started his career with Frank Zappa. After telling Warren that QV is a Latin QV magazine, he says, “Oh, I’ve done that! Actually, right now you can find my recent 27-page spread in ‘G Magazine’ (a Brazilian QV magazine) as the first rock star to ever pose in a magazine with an erection! My pics are all over the internet as well!”

Upon hearing his comment, I try to maintain my cool and manage to ask Warren if there is something his audience doesn’t know about his sexuality. He confidently responds, “Well, I have sucked c*ck, but I didn’t inhale!” He laughs then adds, “I haven’t said that before to any magazine so QV is the first to get that one!”

Warren smirks as female lead singer Dale Bozzio walks in and greets us. Her hair is multi-colored with prominent blonde highlights.

I compliment Dale on her hair and on her sexy black pants. Dale graciously returns a compliment on my 60s Elvis T-shirt. “I love Elvis!”

As Dale smiles, I notice that her hair is shaven on the sides in criss-cross patterns. Dale notices me looking at her hair so she explains, “Well, lately, I’ve been on a shaving thing influenced by Anabella from Bow Wow Wow, thrown in with extensions influenced by Janet Jackson. It’s not really real...but it’s just the way to go.”

Missing Persons Drummer Terry BozioOne thing that stands out about both Dale and Warren is how in-shape their bodies are—so I ask them about it.
Dale looks at Warren’s body and replies, “Ooh...this man (Warren) is all muscle! He’s like a boa constrictor—deadly!”

Warren suddenly becomes modest and explains that he has studied fitness for years, “I’ve been training for the last 10 years because things like eating correctly and being active are important as we get older.”

Getting to the matter at hand, which is Missing Persons and their music, I ask Dale and Warren how they met. Dale jokes, “How many years you want to go back now? Oh, well that’s for ‘Behind The Music.’”

Warren answers, “The first time I met Dale was at a Frank Zappa concert in Boston (her hometown). She had just gotten out of the hospital after falling 40 feet out of a window. At the time,Terry Bozzio (Missing Person’s drummer) was the drummer in Frank Zappa’s band and Dale was dating Terry.”

Warren continues, “When we started (Missing Persons), we all became very dear friends—two of us got married, then divorced, and then all kinds of incestuous things started going on that would make Fleetwood Mac look like a joke!” (He laughs.)

When asked about today’s music—the current songs on the radio, Dale expresses discontent, “I don’t like it!”

Warren interrupts Dale and adds, “But she (Dale) has two children who are very hip! They have severe taste in music. They listen to all the hippest hard core bands there are.”

Warren and DaleDale gives a few examples of her kids’ musical taste, “Well, like, Korn, Sublime, and stuff like that.” Playing with one of her braids, she then adds, “I do like Sublime, Sugar Ray, and Cypress Hill. Cypress Hill actually remixed some of our stuff on a special album. It’s very eclectic and there is a very dark version of ‘Walking in LA.’ It’s really cool.”

“Yeah,” adds Warren. “It’s on Cleopatra Records and there are all these different versions of our songs remixed by Cypress Hill, Nick Rhodes, and myself.”

Warren, sitting cool and calm, then reveals his musical taste saying, “I currently like to listen to a lot of soul singers like Erikah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and Macy Gray.”

Currently, Missing Persons is in the process of creating new music material. For some songs, Warren, who was a member of Duran Duran for 15 years, got his Duran Duran buddy, keyboardist Nick Rhodes, to contribute to the new material.

In addition, the group is preparing to go on a full-scale tour soon where they plan on playing all their biggest hits. Warren explains, “We’re doing all the good songs—none of the songs where you can say we missed the mark. We’ll play live with a lot of energy and always with an air of unpredictability.”

“Ha! That’s funny! You know why it will be unpredictable?” yells Dale then adds, “because I’ll forget something—like my glasses, lipstick, or my lyrics!” (Everyone laughs).

Warren adds, “We all love performing. There is magic when we get together.”

It’s that magic that has earned Missing Persons so many fans who have stuck with them throughout the years—including many Latino fans! Warren says, “We did a show in Texas a few years ago and a couple of kids came up to us and said, ‘Do you guys realize you have a huge Chicano following?’ I thought that was really sweet because all you want to do when you write music is connect with all people. We never did a song in Spanish but when you squeak (referring to Dale’s trademark singing style), it’s universal.”


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