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MDO'S Little Piece of Heaven
Latin pop group MDO gets ready to release its first English album.
Photography and Interview by Luther Orrick-Guzman

TWO YEARS AGO, qvMagazine first spoke with Latin pop group MDO. Since then, a lot has happened with the young stars. First of all, the group has added two new members. Secondly, they released a new album, "Subir Al Cielo" which spawned a monster hit ballad entitled, "Te Quise Olvidar." And now, they're eyeing the English market with their forthcoming crossover album, "Little Piece of Heaven." So let's catch up with the young men of MDO!

DURING MY interview with MDO for qvMagazine, I speak with four of the group's five members: Didier, a thick browed 21-year-old Cubano; Pablo, a charismatic 22-year-old Mexicano; Abel, a charming 22-year-old green eyed Mexicano from Texas, and the newest member Caleb, a handsome 22-year-old Puerto Rican with long, wavy brown hair.

Dominican group member Alexis isn't able to attend the interview. About Alexis' absence, Pablo jokes, "He's not here! He's such a bad boy!" He then explains, "Actually, Alexis is dealing with some personal issues in Miami right now."
With Alexis gone, I seize the opportunity to take his place and volunteer to be a new MDO member!

Abel agrees and says, "Yeah, you can be in the band!" Then noticing how all the group's members are wearing white shirts, and I am wearing a green one, he adds, "All you gotta do is wear a white shirt!"

Luckily, I'm wearing a white t-shirt underneath my green shirt, so I'm in! For my first duties, I do the signature "Somos MDO" shout out along with the group.

Afterwards, a laughing Pablo then exclaims in Spanish, "Alexis, you're out of a job, bro!"

Unfortunately, my duties with qvMagazine don't allow me to continue with the band...ce'st la vie.

So after a few minutes of joking around, I begin our interview. I ask them about their recent performance at the 2001 ALMA Awards, where they delivered an incredible Spanglish performance of "Te Quise Olvidar."

Abel says of the performance, "We really enjoyed being able to perform in Spanglish. Seeing how the audience already knew the song was amazing!"

As they reminisce on their night at the ALMAs, the guys reveal that they were a little star struck, themselves. Didier explains, "It was actually one of the first times we have been in a room with so many mixed celebrities aside from the all Latin events. But the really cool thing was being there with Jennifer Lopez!"

Caleb adds, "We also saw Lawrence Fishburne! Mr. Fishburne actually came up to us and congratulated us. It was my first time singing live at the ALMAs, and he said I did a really good job. It made me feel very proud."

New group member Pablo, who joined MDO last year, explains, "We had to prove to our audience that besides getting people to dance, we could move them with a strong ballad."

The addition of Pablo and his powerful voice is one of the key pieces to the success of "Te Quise Olvidar." His wide vocal range landed him the primary vocals on the signature track.

Pablo graciously says, "I'm very happy about that, and I thank my fellow members of MDO and the crew behind the scenes who have supported me. It's awesome because God has given me the opportunity to realize my dreams here with the group and to create and construct new dreams with them each day."

In addition to the success of "Te Quise Olvidar," the group is striking gold, yet again, with their follow-up single, "Sin Ti"-a song written by famed composer Omar Alfano, and a song that is climbing up the charts fast.

Pablo says, "It's a wonderful song. It's very sad, too. But it's climbing the top ten now in Mexico and that's a thrill." He then adds, "Yeah, it's definitely a wrist slitter with salty crackers!" (He laughs).

Abel then interjects and talks about how "Sin Ti" is a sadder song compared to "Te Quise Olvidar." He explains, "With 'Te Quise,' there is a little fun, at least. I mean he (the character in the song) gets to play with someone else (he laughs)! But in 'Sin Ti,' the guy is all by himself."

Caleb then cuts in and says, "On 'Sin Ti' it's the complete realization of feeling how much you need someone and never having them."

MDO is certainly looking to keep their positive momentum on the rise, especially following the success of these two hit singles. But how exactly are they looking do to that? By crossing over into the English-language market!

qvTelevisionDuring our previous encounter with MDO, they spoke of their future crossover, and now that day is upon us.

Abel says, "The album is complete, and the photos and the cover have been selected."

The title of this English album is, "Little Piece of Heaven," and it will feature some songs from their current Spanish production, "Subir Al Cielo."

Among the songs that have been adapted for the English album are "Baila" (which will now be titled "Dance") and "Cuatro Paredes" ("Lock The Doors").

Abel explains that "Lock the Doors" is about when you see your ex at a party with a new love. Then, for some reason, the new love has to leave and gives a kiss goodbye while your ex is looking at you. Once the new love leaves, you try to convince your ex to relive that moment one more time.

By contrast, "A Little Bit of Heaven" ("Subir Al Cielo") takes on a more inspirational tone. Abel explains, "It represents greatness. Everybody wants to do their best in life, and I think the main goal is to go to heaven-going through the process of living and doing everything correctly to earn that little spot in heaven."

He continues...


MDO will be touring throughout the rest of the 2001 year and will be performing on numerous TV shows. Currently, you can watch reruns of their live intimate performance on Galavision's "Con Cierta Intimidad." You can keep up with the latest on MDO by visiting their website at: www.mdo.org

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