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qvMagazine's July 2000
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Simplemente Ana!
A qvInterview with superstar Ana Gabriel.

What more can be said about Ana Gabriel except that she is a living legend in Latin music. Having sold millions of albums, she is one of the most successful Latina recording artists of all time. She's also supportive of the Latino community-to the extent that she even recorded a song about a QV relationship called, "Simplemente Amigos." So qvMagazine talked to Ana about her music, performing live, and her unconditional love for her fans.

Are you superstitious about performing? No, it might be bad luck to be superstitious! Ha Ha Ha! (she laughs). If you can call this superstition, there is a glove that I wore at one show just to put it on. The show went well, so I put it on again at another show so it would go well. Sometimes, if I wear, say, a certain perfume and a show doesn't go well, I won't worry about it, but I tend to prefer using things that I've used when my show has gone very well. It's about being positive. I do and wear things as good luck charms. The first time I used the glove was at a show in New York.

I recall during one of your concerts at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, the songs you sang were so new that you had the lyric sheets in front of you so you wouldn't forget the words. Well, I was singing them live for the first time. There were two songs that, although I had written them, I still had trouble remembering all the lyrics. I used the lyric sheet to help me so I could give my audience the respect they deserved from me.

What about the famous white carnation with the red rose we always see on stage? That has to do with a communication between myself and God.

Are you a spiritual person? Very much so. I'm religious, and I'm Catholic. I believe and have a lot of faith in God.

How do you prepare yourself before a concert? Well, I can't take a nap because they have to make me up. I get very nervous, and I laugh a lot. The only ritual that I practice is that, as I'm putting on my ear monitor, I'll start to pray a little. Many times, I'll dedicate my show to God, my parents, my friends, etc.

When you perform songs like, "Mi Gusto Es," which was originally recorded with a Banda group, your musicians play those songs just as if you had a full-piece Banda. How is that done? Well, it's not a music track. The tuba sound is made by my trombone player, and the percussion is done by my drummer. The rest is done by my keyboardist.

What other types of projects can we expect from you? Whatever is presented to me-especially whatever direction my audience steers me. In reality, my biggest accomplice is my audience. I think about a lot of concepts in my head regarding a project that I might work on. So it is very difficult to say exactly what new concepts or projects are in store. I have to think through ideas, meditate and dream. I dream everything I do. I imagine everything to its completion in my head.

You dream everything while you're awake or asleep? Awake and asleep. It's the most beautiful thing for me. Sometimes, I think about something so much that even in my sleep, I remember it and think it through, and in turn, I receive spiritual information. Everything I do, I do with my conscience fixed on what I'm working on at the time.

Some of your songs are autobiographical, and others aren't. You also have some very controversial songs you have written. Can you tell us about that? Well, the truth is I consider the majority of my songs my experiences. I've had love relationships that have passed through my life so I've written to and about love. But I've also written about my friends. For example, on this album, I wrote a song about an aspect of famed actor, director, and writer Ernesto Alonzo's life. During a conversation I once had with him, I asked him what his beginnings were like. He responded that he, "threw himself at the ocean." So that is the opening line of that song, "I threw myself at the ocean." I've written many songs to my friends. I've also written about Juan Gabriel.

What about "Simplemente Amigos?" That song is about friends of mine who are homosexuals. I'll write songs about love relationships, which are considered taboo.

The last time you performed in LA, you told the audience a QV joke. (She laughs) I re-invented that joke! The joke I told that night wasn't told correctly. I re-invented it and stretched it out! It really didn't go that way.

What message can you direct to your very special QV fans? There are so many things that I could say. God, aside from giving us the opportunity to live and live well, has left us with marvelous words. One of those words is "gracias!" At church they say, "Give thanks to the Lord," and the response is, "It is just and necessary." For me, it is just and necessary to give thanks to my audience because they love me. Thank you for giving me your love. I would much rather be loved than be famous. So thank you!

--Interview by Luther Orrick-Guzman

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Phoenix, AZ.

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Denver Coliseum
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El Paso, TX.

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Compaq Center
Houston, TX

November 18
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Miami Arena
Miami, FL

November 19
UIC Pavilion
Chicago, IL

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