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Two Guys.Welcome to 1999! It is our pleasure to bring you the eighth installment of Quo Vadis (qv) Magazine. As we have stated in the past, Quo Vadis is a Latin term that means, "Where are you going?" Obviously, for each one of us, this life-long journey of where we are going begins at birth. The first people who help guide us are our parents and our brothers and sisters-our family. One of the values that we most often associate with ourselves as Latinos is how closely bonded we are to our families. Most of us develop very deep and special relationships with our parents, our siblings, and even our tios and primos. We take pride in our families, and we feel a deep sense of obligation towards them. It seems as if we are always there to lend a hand or to help out a family member in need.

For us Latinos, when we discover our sexuality, it is a challenge for us, especially to tell our family members. We just can't predict how they will react. For those of us who have a closely-knitted family, sometimes, it can be much more difficult to come out because of the fear of rejection and being "thrown out" of the house. But to us, we are just ourselves; to our families, we are different.

From the goodness of our hearts, sometimes, it is just easier to stay quiet and keep things the way they are. Sometimes, it is better to be silent than to inflict what we think might cause pain to our families. But the silence eats away our souls and robs us of our true identity. We become robots wondering who we are, and find ourselves wanting to release the pressure within.

As we begin to come out, we encounter the need to hang out with people "just like us." We desire to find a family of friends who understands what it's like to be QV, and who can help us in life.

As we get older and enter into deep love relationships, we encounter a new sense of family, the one that we create with a special partner. Sometimes, we call this special partner our "lover," "soul mate," or even a "husband." Starting this kind of family is a wonderful challenge. Of course, it's all about compromising and wanting to be there for each other-for better or worse. Then, along with this family comes yours and your partner's family. The good ole' in-laws! Sometimes, it can be scary to think how they will they react to you, and if they will accept you as a part of their family?

In addition to family, there are those who want to raise children. Raising a child is a dream come true for many Latinos. Of course, the important thing to remember is that whether these kids come from an earlier relationship with a woman or through adoption, they are to be nurtured, valued, and most importantly, loved.

Because of the many important roles family plays in our lives, we have made qv8 a tribute to family-as it pertains to Latinos. In this issue, you will find stories dealing with family issues such as the joys and challenges of being a QV father, friends who we call family, and the importance of our own families.

From all of us here at qvMagazine, thank you for being a part of our qvFamilia, have a great 1999, and enjoy qv8!

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