Cover photo by:
Luther Orrick-Guzman.

Volume Two: Number Two
the "familia" issue
February/March 1999

On the cover:
Our adult cover model for the "Family Issue" issue is Miguel Chenal, a 30-year-old Brazilian/Guatemalan who lives in Los Angeles. Miguel is currently a designer and event coordinator for Paramount Studios. His hobbies include painting and walking his dogs, and his ultimate dream is to become a film director. Our child model is David, the 12-year-old son of one of qvMagazine's regular contributors, Trebor Jacquez. When asked about his favorite hobby, David's response is, "playing video games." David lives in the San Fernando Valley.


To Our qvFamilia!

Tidbits of news and views from in and around the qvCommunity.

qvRhythms features the hottest acts in the music biz like R&B quintet Voices of Theory. Also check out our "Dope Ass Flyer."

Latino Spotlight
Actor Jacob Vargas and screenwriter Rick Najera talk to qvMagazine about their "Latinologues" Comedy Night at the Improv.

Living life was no easy chore for Tony Espinosa and living life day by day was a true challenge, until he saw the light.

Martín Ornelas-Quintero, Executive Director of LLEGO, talks about the importance of having a positive image in the Latino community.

Dear Papi
Advice about Love and Life from your dear ol' Papi.

La Chona tells you about your New Year's outlook.


The Familia Survey
qvReaders speak out! Find out how our readers parents' reacted when they came out, and why other readers have yet to come out to their families.

Baby Love
Being QV and also a father was not easy for Gabe, but he finally learned that the best path was to be himself!

Keeping It Together
A young Dominicano reflects on growing up QV and the network of support he's received from his extended family!

All In the Family
Being attracted to men was a challenge for Pedro Martinez, but now he has the support from an understanding ex-wife, caring siblings, a devoted boyfriend, and even his two beautiful children.

A man learns that having success in the eyes of society is not as important as having a loving family.

More features appear in the print version of qvMagazine, including the popular "Latinos in da House" section featuring photos of Latinos across the nation.

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