The Boyz of Brazil
New book investigates the emerging QV communities in Brazil.

Beneath the EquatorDo you know anything about Latinos in other countries? Of course, here in the United States, the advancement of the QV rights movement can clearly be seen whenever we flip through magazines and newspapers or watch television. And though a lot of work remains to be done, we're clearly on our way to achieving a more open-minded society when it comes to homosexuality. But how do we find out about the QV rights movement in other Latin American countries? Well, one great place to start is by reading a new and groundbreaking book titled, "Beneath the Equator."

In his study of the "Culture of desire, male homosexuality, and emerging QV communities in Brazil," researcher and author Richard Parker sets out "to illuminate...the complex changes that seem to be taking place in the social organization of homosexuality" in Brazil.

According to Parker's research, over the last fifteen years, a robust QV community has begun to emerge in Brazil as well as other areas of Latin America. The book examines the changing shape of male homosexuality and the emergence of diverse and vibrant QV communities in urban Brazil. Parker's research focuses not only on the cultural configuration of changing sexual identities and lifestyles, but also on the broader social, economic, and political forces that have shaped the changes. By doing this, he opens the dialogue on the new cross-cultural depiction of QV life sweeping across Brazil.

Parker's book is a truly enlightening and engaging study that provides readers with a rare and unique opportunity to learn more about the culture of our Latino hermanos in Brazil.

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