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To our Latino gente:

Latino SexualityWelcome to qv7! Through your support and encouragement, we have made it to a landmark --- our one-year anniversary issue! It's been a year of great changes, a year to unite, and a year to celebrate! It makes us proud to know that we have your support, and we wanted to say thank you for standing tall and for supporting something that shows our talented community in a powerful way!

For the coming year, we are making new plans to expand even further and to show a wider and more diverse representation of our Latino familia. As always, we will continue to push and challenge the minds of our Latino community so that we can see ourselves and the rest of the world in a new light-in a much broader and vivid perspective.

With this issue, we have decided to challenge the boundaries of our minds and focus on Sex and Sexuality. When we initially discussed doing this issue, we weren't quite sure it was the proper direction and subject for us to tackle. But after we gave it some serious debate and thought, we decided that this issue could be done and produced in a very informative, unique, and entertaining manner. As you read through the pages of qv7, you will see that this issue isn't about pornography, but more about what sex means to us as Latinos. It's an investigation of what we do, and how it plays a significant part in our lives.

There's no doubt! Sex has an incredible impact on us. It is powerful! It evokes a multitude of feelings, and it is one of the most intimate activities that two human beings can do. At times, sex is something we do just to fulfill our most basic carnal desire. This "basic instinct" type of sex is sometimes devoid of any deep emotion, and the pleasure that is drawn from it often departs as quickly as it arrives. Other times, sex is the ultimate expression of love and intimacy between two people in love. Tied to this kind of sex are intense emotions that run deep into the heart and feelings that make our bodies tingle from head to toe-for hours after it's over.

As beautiful as it is, sex is a gift! Because of the power of sex, we have to remember to respect it. There are definite precautions that we absolutely have to take in order to protect ourselves from the potential dangers and risks that go hand in hand with sex. We can't stress enough the need to always use a condom when engaging in sex.

In this issue, we have included new surprises to celebrate qvMagazine's one year anniversary. The first surprise is our new 3-D qvLogo! It represents the future, a new dimension for qvMagazine! Our other surprises can only be found in the print version of qvMagazine. First is a retrospective page, showing the support we've received from many people-including you! The next surprise is a four-page photo spread showing you an array of "Sexy Latino Men." These men each represent a beautiful diversity within our Latino culture. And the last surprise is a centerfold poster featuring qvMagazine's original cover models! The poster is actually a 1999 calendar! So you can pull it out and pin it on your wall! Dive into qv7 and enjoy the Sexuality Issue!


The qvMagazine Staff


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