A Date With A Cover Model

qvReaders are always telling us that they want to know more about our cover models. This time around, we decided to send one of our regular qvMagazine reporters, Juan, out on a blind date with Israel, our qv7 cover model! We hooked them up at Cha Cha Cha in Long Beach where Juan asked a series of fun questions in order for him (and the rest of us) to be able to get to know a little more about Israel. Here's the 411 on Israel that Juan was able to find out!


Juan: How would you describe Israel Araiza, in your own words?
Israel: I'm an honest, sentimental and loving person. I'm also kind of quiet. I really enjoy friends and family.

Juan: How do you think other people would describe you?
Israel: I would say exactly the same way I described myself.

Juan: List at least three things that turn you on?
Israel: I think a person's eyes really turn me on. I think you can really read someone through their eyes. Then, I would say the smile and the personality.

Juan: What turns you off?
Israel: Someone that tries to be someone that they're really not. You can really tell when someone is fake.

Juan: What are your goals in life?
Israel: I want to keep on going to school. I really would like to work with people and study people. I find that interesting.

Juan: Describe your ideal man?
Israel: A normal guy-someone who really knows what he wants in life, someone who is stable and wants to have a serious relationship, and someone who is loving and caring.

Juan: What compliments do you get the most?
Israel: I would say that I'm a good advisor. Physically, I would say my eyes.

Juan: Are you a good kisser?
Israel: I think I know how to use my lips very well!

Juan: What do you find most appealing in another guy?
Israel: I like someone who is smart.

Juan: What's one word that describes an ideal world for you?
Israel: Love.

Juan: What are your priorities in life?
Israel: Myself and my family. Of those two, I come first because if I help myself and if I'm happy with myself, I can help my family too.

Juan: What appeals most to you? Relationships, casual dating, or sexual dating?
Israel: Relationships, definitely, because I like to feel that I have someone to share things with. I think that's very important because in a way humans need sharing. Relationships are more interesting.

Juan: After you have sex, what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Israel: I feel happiness. I think if it's with someone you love, you have to feel happy.

Juan: What part of your body do you like most?
Israel: All of it!

Juan: What are some of the strengths you possess as an individual?
Israel: I'm caring, family oriented, and persistent.

Juan: Weaknesses?
Israel: I'm hurt easily. I'm overly concerned-I care too much for things that happen, like with my family.

Judging from the pictures above, the two boyz seemed to have a really fun time getting to know each other! And judging from the ratings below, we can see that not only did Israel really make the grade with Juan, but Juan also made the grade with Israel. According to our fly on the wall, rumor has it the two made their own arrangements for a second date! But you ain't heard it from us--cuz we ain't a magazine to gossip, you know!

RATING THE DATE: It seems these two guys really hit it off! A few days after their date, we called not only Juan but also Israel to find out how well they clicked. Check out their marks on one another!
Juan Salas
Born in Zacatecas, Mexico, and raised in Inglewood, Juan is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach. His hobbies include working out and a fetish for Armani Exchange!
Israel Araiza
Born in Colima, Mexico and raised in Santa Ana, Israel works with a furniture designer building custom furniture. He enjoys reading and and watching movies.
Ratings on Scale of 1-10 Smarts Smile Skin Personality Sexiness Overall
Juan on Israel 9 10 9 9 10 9
Israel on Juan 10 10+ 10 10 10+ 10

Cha Cha Cha is a fabulous place for a dinner date. For more info, call 562.436.3900.

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