How do You SEE Men?

For qv's 1st Anniversary, we decided to ask two regular guys, Xavier and Mike, to help us revisit the past and tell us how they see men--well, specifically, how they see our qvCover models--never having met or known them. This gives us an inidcation of how a person's look (i.e. our cover models' looks) affects our perceptions of them as people. Our cover models certainly didn't mind being photographed again for this occasion either--they just love the camera! Here's what Xavier and Mike see in ou qvBoyz.

Xavier and Mike--->


qv2 - Miguel

Xavier: Two words: sexy and intimidating. To me he seems like he wouldn't want to be approached, and that he'd be in his own little world. But he is very good looking, very sexy, and very attractive.

Mike: Handsome, masculine, and fit-yet very intimidating.

Photo of Miguel by Zach Cruz, www.geocities.com/FashionAvenue/2438


qv4 - Jose

Xavier: Very sexy. I like that he looks both masculine and "ethnic." I think when a guy looks ethnic that there is culture there (in his life), which I think is important.

Mike: Interesting. He looks very sporty, casual, and laid-back. He's someone you'd want to hang around-a buddy you could go to the gym and hang out with.


qv5 - Louie

Xavier: He definitely seems very approachable. I think he looks really down to earth.

Manny qv3 - Manny
Xavier: Down to earth and approachable. He would be the kind of person that you'd hang around with because he looks approachable, masculine and clean-cut.

Tosh qv6 - Tosh
Mike: Intelligent, yet intimidating by the looks. But possibly approachable.

Israel qv7 - Israel
Mike: Sexy. His look catches your eye. He seems intriguing-you want to find out more. He's very attractive and masculine.


Seeing thru the Eyes
of a Lover of

Derek Allen, 35,
West Hollywood, CA (Originally from London, England)

Derek AllenWe here at qvMagazine sometimes find ourselves wondering how the QV world outside our Latino familia looks at us and at the magazine itself. To satiate our curiosity, we asked Derek, one of our non-Latino qvReaders, to give his take on Latinos in general and on qvMagazine and its covers.

Which qvMagazine cover is your favorite? My favorite cover is the very first one, qv1 "Unity," (below) with the guy having his head shaved. It is radically different and very refreshing. It is a very eye-catching, stopping image.

UnityWhat is it that interests you in Latino men?
Several things. Quite simply and straight-forwardly is the "opposites attract" syndrome. I just happen to like the dark features-dark hair and skin. Number two is that my experience has been that Latino people are much more sensitive and compassionate.

What is it about the Latino culture that fascinates you? From my perspective of coming from England, some of the values and standards I see or experience among Latino people are similar to mine: they're more family-oriented, know the difference between right and wrong, and are more honest and sincere. I think they're much more down to earth, sincere, and compassionate. They just have more of the values that I'm used to.

What "Latino look" do you prefer? I would say someone that's more down-to-earth or regular kind of looking. It's like the Home Depot uniform (khaki pants & polo shirt) look. I don't mean that in a derogatory way, I'm just stating a visual. I just like the blue collar kind of thing.

What's been the biggest challenge for you in trying to find or date a Latino man? I've never had a problem. I guess it's because I'm from a different culture (than other Caucasians) and I'm more into the Latino culture than the average white guy; therefore, I immediately get to experience a lot better things than the average white guy. But I guess I would say the hardest thing is for Latinos to give a white guy a chance.

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