Meet Mr. Man of Cancun

Eliseo Lugo, Jr.Eliseo Lugo Jr., a 32-year old man born in New York city and of Spanish and Puerto Rico descent, was crowned the 1998 Man of Cancun. What is a Man of Cancun? This is an honorary title given to one individual, who becomes a spokesperson who makes special guest appearances everywhere to educate the public about HIV prevention and also to help raise funds in the fight against AIDS.

Eliseo discovered the contest on the internet, and although he was joking about entering it, his friend took him seriously and signed-up him up! Suddenly, Eliseo found himself at the preliminaries, then at the semi-finals, and finally, at the finals! And after a series of questions and a talent segment, Eliseo finally won the competition and was crowned the 1998 Man of Cancun.

"Being chosen Man of Cancun means a lot to me! It's an honor to be chosen and represent many organizations who, together, choose one individual who is worthy to help them in the raising of funds for notable charities," Eliseo stated.

American Airlines, the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR), and the QV Men's Health Crisis (GMHC), just to name a few, have provided great support to the event.

In his personal time, Eliseo enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, mountain climbing, cliff diving, and horseback riding. He is 5'6" tall and works out seven days a week to maintain his solid 168 pound physique. He currently lives in New York City, holds an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences from Plaza College, a real estate license in New York, and does computer consulting for different companies. And yes, he has done modeling before! And if you're wondering if he's single? Sorry guys! He currently has a boyfriend.

So any last words, or advice from the Man of Cancun himself? Eliseo does encourage everyone to take an active role in the fight against AIDS and to spread the word about safe sex "because the life you save might be your own!"

by Cameron Mostaghim


Culture Clash

Literary Clash
Comedy group comes out with a new book.

Since they formed in 1984, Culture Clash has broken many barriers for both Latinos and Chicanos in the entertainment industry. One of their most significant accomplishments was getting their own TV show, also called Culture Clash, on Fox several years ago. The show was the first ever Latino-themed variety show made by Latinos. Now Herbert Siquenza, Richard Montoya, and Ricardo Salinas have just released a new book titled, "Culture Clash: Life, Death and Revolutionary Comedy." Worth a thousand laughs, this hilarious book chronicles three of the group's biggest hit plays: "The Mission" which is about three out-of-work performers, living in San Francisco's Mission District, who kidnap singer Julio Iglesias in a desperate attempt to gain national recognition, or at least national notoriety; "A Bowl of Being," where we learn about the world's first Chicano, who happens to be an illegitimate son of Christopher Columbus! What a discovery! And "Radio Mambo," in which the Chicanos invade the airwaves of Miami! To add to the comedy, this book also includes a Glossary of Terms to help those who may be lingo-impaired, especially those who have difficulty understanding Chicano and "Pocho" terms. Check it out!

Calendar with Color

Look out guys! Male Physique has just released a brand new "1999 Men of All Races Calendar" featuring some of the hardest bodies on some of the finest men-including three or four muscular Latino papis! Twelve percent of the profits raised from sales of this swimwear calendar (yes, we did say SWIMWEAR!) are being donated to Beauty Cares for the AIDS Relief Fund, a foundation providing grants and financial assistance to people with HIV. You can see a preview of the calendar on the internet at: www.malephysique.com. The calendar costs $14.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling ($18.90 total). To get yours, just send a check or money order to Tony Newman/MPI, 48 8th Avenue, Suite 302, New York, NY, 10014.

1999 Calendar

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