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Greetings qvReaders,

As summertime approaches its end, and school heads back into session for many of our younger college and high school students, we felt that it was quite appropriate for us to dedicate this fall issue of qvMagazine to the concept of "Knowledge."

Knowledge comes in many shapes and forms, and for the most part, it is something that we acquire. We attain knowledge in many different ways. First of all, we learn through observation as we follow the examples that our parents, families, teachers, friends, and even the people on television, have given us. We learn through formal education, by going to school and by paying attention in class. Finally, we learn through our own trial and error. The old saying goes that you learn something new everyday. This rings very much true for us as human beings.

As we get older, what becomes really important is the idea of pushing ourselves to learn more challenging and complex concepts. By doing this, we begin to find ways of making differences in the world, be it through scientific research, the understanding of human nature, or the ability to understand, create, change or maintain social policies. But perhaps the most important knowledge that we need to invest our time in, is getting to know ourselves-our beliefs, our strengths, and even our weaknesses.

Knowledge is an ongoing process. Until the day we die, we will continue to learn new things. For every question we answer in this life, there are hundreds more waiting to be answered. What we need to remember is that knowledge is a means-not necessarily a solution. Each of us must use the education we get in life and apply it to something in order to make it useful. In this sense, knowledge is potential power and how we use that power is up to ourselves.

With this issue of qvMagazine, we have chosen to profile several people who have acquired knowledge and have applied it intelligently in their lives. We believe that these young, Latino men are role models. It is our honor to introduce you to these young men from across the country who have, are, and will continue to make a difference in this world by applying their talents and their knowledge. Not only should we recognize them, but we should be inspired to reach out in our own lives to be best we can be-as these young men have shown us to be.

In looking back, it has been a great summer here in qvLand-one in which many wonderful things have happened in the Latino community. First of all, we would like to thank all the participants who attended the qvMagazine and Compas Unidos' first annual "Latino Vibe Beach Party" in Long Beach, California on July 11, 1998. In addition, we'd like to thank the people who supported qvMagazine at the QV pride festivals in both Long Beach and San Francisco. And lastly, we'd like to thank our readers, who have supported qvMagazine since its beginning, and who have supported us in uniting our community.

Welcome to a new season in which we will refresh our minds with new ideas and concepts. Keep your mind working, learn as much as you can in life, and as Latinos, strive to be the best you can. Enjoy the "Knowledge" issue!

The qvStaff

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