Editorial Letter

Dear qvReaders,

We are truly excited about our fourth installment of qvMagazine. This issue marks the beginning of a newly modified design and a brand new logo for us! These changes were made to take the magazine to a different, new, and fresh level. You will also notice an expansion of the content which we cover.

We have chosen "Empower" as the main theme for this issue because it is a general word that can be applied to many different areas in our lives-including our minds, bodies and souls.

Our minds enable us to not only perform our day-to-day functions but also allow us to constantly learn new things. When we empower our minds, we open ourselves up to new facts, ideas, cultures, traditions, and art forms. By absorbing these ideas, we empower ourselves with concepts we may have never thought about, and we can use these ideas to better our community-be it through education, advocacy or by simply being a more well-rounded individual. Already, there are many new books and plays that are great examples of how our entire community is empowering itself. You'll find some highlighted in this issue.

Our body is the sacred temple that houses our minds and souls and as such, we need to take care of it. Though it can be a nice feeling to look in the mirror and see a nicely chiselled body of ripped abs and huge biceps, we must remember that staying healthy is a balance that we carefully need to monitor. We shouldn't be obsessive about our bodies but simply intelligent. We need to be happy with who we are-no matter what our weight and measurements are-yet also do what is in the best interest of our bodies. We need to think wholeheartedly about why we do what we do. Staying fit requires an understanding that we do it for ourselves, not just as something for other people to look at.

Empowerment of the body not only means exercising and eating right, but also taking responsibility for our actions. Reports show that HIV infection among Latino men is extremely high. It is up to us to protect ourselves and to not only be more educated about it, but to use our minds to protect our bodies-even when we are in the heat of passion.

Last, but certainly not least, we should always feed our souls. Regardless of our religious affiliations (if any) we need to look deep inside ourselves and find that part of us which gives us the will to live. Often we are confronted with challenges in life from all kinds of factors. Loneliness, heartbreak, family troubles and many more things often bring us down, but it is the faith in our souls and spirits that keeps us moving on.

When we empower our minds, bodies, and souls together, the effects of the whole are much greater than the effects of empowering the individual parts separately. We build the strength to do anything we set our minds to. The more we empower ourselves by opening our minds, strengthening our bodies, and searching our souls, the easier it will be for us to achieve great happiness and successfully create positive changes in the world.

As you will notice, this issue includes many more stories and information from our Northern California hermanos. This is a strong and empowering growth in unity for us Latinos. With each coming issue, our goal is to expand our horizons to reach out to our QV familia across the nation so that we can learn from one another, share ideas, and grow together.

By empowering ourselves, we benefit our own community and the outside world as well. Enjoy this installment of qvMagazine and remember to expand your mind, strengthen your body and nourish your soul.


The qvStaff

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