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Model: GregoryWelcome to the
Hombres Issue!

What simpler way is there to say it? This issue is all about men—particularly Latino men. Specifically, we wanted to investigate how we Latinos see ourselves and who or what has made us who we are.

Our recent QV Online Hombres Survey found starts us off with some interesting little tidbits of information. First of all, it let us know who were/are the individuals we admire and look up to. In other words, who were our role models when we were growing up? From parents to celebrities to teachers and preachers, our readers share with us some interesting stories about who helped make them who they are today.

Next, we put together a list of contemporary famous Latino hombres and asked our readers what they thought of these guys. From Martin Sheen to Ricky Martin, we got some really interesting perspectives on these men.

And in this issue, for the first time ever, we step outside the U.S. and speak to two Latinos from different parts of the world—one in Brazil and the other in London, England. Find out what life is like for Latinos in other parts of the globe.

In another article we meet a very talented young Latino poet who is truly making a big name for himself.New Yorker Elliot Torres shares with us his thoughts on life, love, and his journey towards happiness.

We also continue with our on-going fictional story “Brighter Shade of Brown” which depicts the life and times of five Latino hombres.

So sit back and enjoy this issue.

—The qvStaff


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