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About the Cover

OUR HOMBRES COVER BOY is Yamil. This New Yorker is one of the Big Apple’s most popular promoters in the Latin Party scene. He was then introduced the world of club promotions by another big NYC promoter, Rob, of “Boys Life” fame. Yamil has since co-organized the Flow, Casa Latino, and Cheetah parties which have all been very successful. As part of the T Party Group (, he continues to promote various clubs.

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Model: Gregory
Model: Gregory
Photo by Duane Cramer

The Hombres Issue!

WELCOME TO THE HOMBRES ISSUE. What simpler way is there to say it? This issue is all about our bros. Specifically, we wanted to investigate how we Latinos see ourselves and who or what has made us who we are...

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Pedro Frugone
Pedro Frugone
La Ley Guitarist

La Ley's Liberty
Pedro Frugone, Guitarist of Rock en Español Band La Ley, Talks to QV!

--By Luther Orrick-Guzman

IT’S BEEN MORE THAN TWO YEARS since QV last spoke with any members of La Ley, and much has happened with the group since then. Countless awards,, a hugely successful world tour, and a critically-acclaimed “MTV Unplugged” album. Yet, through it all, the Chilean band continues to maintain a high level of artistic talent while keeping themselves down to earth. QV caught up with the band’s guitarist, Pedro Frugone, in the middle of another hectic tour, and discussed music, touring and the status of pop music today...

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Lupe Ontiveros
Lupe Ontiveros
Photo by QV Magazine

Hey Lupe!
QV Shows Latina Actress Lupe Ontiveros Some Respect.

—By Luther Orrick-Guzman

FEW LATINA ACTRESSES have achieved the level of success that Lupe Ontiveros has. While she’s not necessarily the household name that other actresses like Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz are, what Lupe has over these younger starlets is longevity. Over the years, she has worked her way up through role after role, carefully crafting a body of film and television work that’s filled with a long list memorable characters while. And at the same time, she has earned the respect of critics and audiences everywhere...

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Maria Costa
Maria Costa
Photo by Luther Orrick-Guzman

Ave Maria!
Actress/Comedian Maria Costa Is A Real Triple Threat: Brains, Beauty, & Talent!

—Interview By Alejandro Soria

“There’s a lot of funny stuff in sex between two Latinos. It’s extremely passionate, wild, and filled with emotion.” Maria Costa isn’t kidding. Her one woman show, “Macho Men & the Women Who Love Them,” exudes passion. Passion for her art, audience, and her Macho. Just ask Eugene Levy of “American Pie” and “Best in Show” (who is now producing Maria‘s show). He says, “I was attracted to the show not only by its edge, but also its heart.” Garth Brooks thought so, too, when he spotted Maria salsa dancing in an AT&T commercial with David Arquette. Brooks was so taken by Maria, that he called her at home and cast her to play his love interest in the VH-1 mocumentary special “Chris Gaines: Behind the Music.” Maria has made a name for herself in shows like “Dangerous Minds,” “Family Matters,” “Brimstone,” and “In The House.” Most recently, her wedding to her Macho, Francisco Segovia, was featured in Estylo Magazine last summer.

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Photo by Richie TorresPhoto by Richie Torres

When You Were Growing Up...
Who Were Your Role Models?

IT’S HUMAN NATURE TO SEEK PEOPLE to look up to when we’re kids. Some of us look up to family members. Others become enamored with celebrities. But as Latinos, finding role models we identify with can be difficult. In fact, when we polled our readers, a surprising 41% felt they didn’t have any childhood role models at all. Here is a look at some of the responses we received when we asked who our readers’ role models were when they were growing up...

“One of my middle school teachers helped me to find out who I really was. Like most, I did not know how to deal with a lot of things, but he helped guide me through. Having faith in me and letting me get the answers on my own have made me the man I am today.” —24 years old, Houston, TX

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Elliot Torres
Elliot Torres

Solitary to Sanctuary!
Elliot Torres' Five-Year Odyssey.
—Interview By George Bouldin Gates

I’M IN CHELSEA having drinks and dinner with Puerto Rican author Elliot Torres at Cuba Libre. Not too crowded. Atmosphere and vibe are aesthetic with colors, pictures and paintings depicting traditional Cuba and Cuban advertisements. Vintage music flowing sweet like the Caipirinas Elliot ordered us to drink. And I have the pleasure of sitting across from the boy next door. But not just any boy next door. He’s a star in thugged-out sheep’s clothing, and Madonna has a signed copy of his book...

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London Latino

International Hombres
Latinos from All Over the World.
—By Oscar Espino

WHAT’S LIFE LIKE for Latinos living outside the United States? We spoke to a couple of guys about themselves and about life in their respective areas. So from South America to Europe, here are our first two International Hombres mini-interviews...

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Photo by
Model: Yamil

Politics of Amor

Chapter Four in the Continuing Saga of a Group of Latino Buddies!
Erick Serrato

IN THE LAST “BRIGHTER SHADE OF BROWN” installment, we brought you the twists and turns of the dating scene. It got confusing, to say the least. Now in this installment, we make it make sense for everyone! Just read on and yes, it’ll all make sense to you...

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qvAdvice Columns

The fierce La Chicharona reveals what the stars have in store for you!

SUP QV BOYS? Cold nights are here! What does that mean for you? Well, you get to light the fireplace, or buy an electric blanket, or do whatever it takes to keep yourself warm at night! So sit back, relax, and let La Chicarona give you the 411 of what you can expect in the coming weeks!...

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Dear Papi
Dating troubles getting you down? Let your dear 'ol Papi help you out.

THE PAPI IS IN! Haven’t you ever wished relationships weren’t so complicated? I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to find the right person, the first time, then fall in love and have everything turn out right? Well, life isn’t quite that simple. But it’s all about learning and growing, and believe me, with relationships, you certainly learn and grow! So whatever is happening to you in your life right now, let me know...

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