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Welcome to the Hip Hop Issue!

It is with great excitement that we present this special Issue. Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why is a Latino magazine doing an issue dedicated to Hip Hop?” The answer is simple—Hip Hop has an enormous impact on the style and culture of the Latino community.

Musically, just because we’re Latino doesn’t mean we only listen to rock en español, salsa, merengue, banda, and other Latin music. As a matter of fact, we love all kinds of music—and Hip Hop is one of the biggest!

So from the music to the way many of us dress, to the “gangsta-loving” fascination that many Latinos have, Hip Hop has an enormous influence on us.

One of the interesting things about Hip Hop culture is that it is not a culture normally associated with the QV community. In fact, many Hip Hop artists—particularly rappers such as Eminem—have frequently spewed out overtly homophobic lyrics. Who could forget the commotion it caused when his “Marshall Mathers LP” album was nominated for the “Album of the Year” Grammy and he performed on stage with openly QV music artist Elton John?

What we will do in this issue is look at Hip Hop from a new perspective—the Latino perspective. We have incorporated the feedback that hundreds of our readers shared with us in our recent online Hip Hop survey to explore the good and the bad about Hip Hop and the QV community.

We begin our look into the topic by asking the simple question, “Is Hip Hop Homophobic?” We put the question to our readers and found some very interesting perspectives on the topic.

Next, we look at which Hip Hop artists are your favorites. We reveal the Top Ten Favorite Hop Hop Artists as named by you, our readers. And, in addition, we also reveal which male artist you have named “The Sexiest Man in Hip Hop.”

On the celebrity front, we talk with female rapper Ladybug Mecca, formerly of the Hip Hop group Digable Planes. She talks to us about her new project and shares her thoughts about Hip Hop and homophobia.

And for those of you who prefer tú musica en español over Hip Hop, we’re not leaving you behind! We’ve got a fantastic interview with one of Banda’s biggest female superstars, Graciela Beltran.

So sit back and enjoy the Hip Hop issue. It just might change the way you think about Hip Hop!

—The qvStaff


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