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Photo by Rick RolinsWelcome to the XXX Issue!

This is our landmark 30th Issue which, of course, in Roman Numerals translates to XXX. We’re using that theme to look into a seedier side of our community. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is going to be all about sex with no purpose. What we’re going to attempt to do in this issue is to take a look at sex in our community from a more analytical perspective.

We start the “XXX Issue” by updating the results of our QV Sex Survey. This was a survey in which we asked our readers all kinds of probing questions about their sex lives in an attempt to find out what sort of sexual behavior is common. We conducted a similar poll five years ago, and now we’ll see what things have changed, and what things have stayed the same.

We continue with the XXX Issue by featuring an interview with Latino adult movie star Carlos Morales. The purpose of this article is to find out where this particular actor is coming from. What are his motivations for being in the adult film business? What is a typical day like for him? How does doing porn affect his personal life?

Now, sex isn’t all that this issue is about. In fact, on a more inspirational note, we have an intriguing interview with a bisexual Latino firefighter. The interesting thing about this guy’s story is that he was once a gang member—and now he’s pulled himself up out of his past and made himself into a true hero.

In addition, we have chapter two of our “Brighter Shade of Brown” novela. Don’t miss catching up with “the boyz,” because the drama is really starting to heat up!

Of course, what would an issue of QV be without celebrity interviews? We’ve got some great ones in this issue!
Leading it off is our interview with the Neo-Soul duo called Floetry. These two talented ladies have had hits with songs like “Floetic” and “Say Yes.” In this issue, they speak with QV about how they got their start, what the music business has been like for them, and what words they have for the QV community.

In addition to Floetry, we’ve got interviews with two of the hottest people in dance music. First up is Pepper MaShay, the diva responsible for the massive club hit single “Dive in the Pool.” We follow Pepper with sexy Dominican papi chulo Eddie Baez. This famed club deejay talks about all his latest work—including his new remixes for Cher.

Finally, we’ve got an interview with legendary Latin crooner Jose Jose. You’ll get to read how this talented man got his start, and what words of wisdom he has to share with qvMagazine.

So sit back an enjoy the XXX Issue!

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