Latino Spotlight | February/March 1998

Attack of the Aphrodisiacs

Spanish Fly!

The popular Latino singing duo talks to QV.

What up, boyzzz! Latino singing duo Spanish Fly enjoyed a great deal of success back in 1995 with the hit singles "Crimson & Clover" and "Daddy's Home." Now they're back with a new single called, "I Can See" and an upcoming album. qvMagazine recently talked to Octaviano, 26 and Milo, 27 about their music, their lives, and their Latino fans.


Milo - Spanish Fly

Since your first album what type of success have you had and have your lives changed as a result of your success?

Octaviano: The first album came out in '94. We had two songs that reached Billboard's Top 200-"Crimson and Clover" and "Daddy's Home." We had good success with the first album. We toured a lot in 1995-all over the states. We were at the first-ever Latin Billboard Awards; that was pretty cool. We also did a commercial for Fox which they still air-as a matter of fact, on Saturdays and on other days. It was a public service announcement on the importance of education.


So then you like to do a lot of work in the community to encourage younger people?

Octaviano: Definitely. We do charity concerts. We were at Irvine Meadows for the Pediatric AIDS Foundation which Madonna attended and a lot of big other names such as Duran Duran, All-4-One, Brandy. It was a pretty big show for us.


You have a new song out right now called "I Can See."

Octaviano: Yeah, "I Can See" is our latest single. We're about to come out with a new single. It's a duet with Angelina called "One Last Try." It's a ballad that we converted uptempo, also. We're coming out with both versions pretty soon.


Octaviano - Spanish Fly

Is there a new album in the works some time in the near future, too?

Octaviano: Yeah. Definitely. We've been busy in the studio working on our second album.

What kind of surprises are there on the second album as opposed to the first album? Any new directions-new things to look out for?

Octaviano: We matured a lot on the second album. We have a lot of acoustic happening. We have couple of ballads and also dance tracks and a couple of mid tempos. The sound's definitely matured from the first album.


You guys wrote and produced a lot of the tracks on the first album. Is it important for you to be able to do that?

Milo: Yeah. Artistic freedom is very important to us. A lot of artists out there are mainly singers and just sing what other people write. Spanish Fly is pretty unique because we write and produce a lot of our own stuff as well. Not only that but we also have the opportunity to produce for other artists such as Angelina. I produced a track for a group called Energy on Upstairs Records called, "Take Me Higher."


Who have been your inspirations musically? And who have been the people that have inspired your sound?

Octaviano: My inspiration was a lot of the ballads and a lot of the old singers like Marvin QVe, Steve Wonder, Luther (Vandross), and Take 6. A variety of old singers.

Milo: I liked a lot of the funk bands that were out there such as the Dazz Band and P-Funk and a lot of the freestyle artists from back in the days like TKA.


You mentioned that you are collaborating with Angelina on a song. Are there any other artists that you would like to collaborate with in terms of producers and singers and remixers?

Milo: Definitely. We'd like to collaborate with others. We spoke to the homeboys from Nu Flavor about doing something like that but it was just talk. I don't know if it's going to happen for sure.


Are you going on tour anytime soon?

Octaviano: As soon as the album comes out, we're going to tour. Warner Bros. is sending us out on a promotional tour throughout the United States and Central America.


So do you feel that being Latino has made it any more difficult to break into the English pop music industry than the Spanish music industry? Or vice versa?

Octaviano: It's kind of harder when you start out in the States and try to cross over into the Spanish world.


What advice would you give to someone who is trying to make it into the music business?

Octaviano: Just to stay focused and be persistent and believe in yourself. Go for it basically!


What is your ultimate goal? Where do you envision yourself going with your music in say 5-10 years?

Octaviano: The ultimate goal is to be multi-platinum artists, win some Grammys, and have longevity as artists. A lot of success is good and to have a positive influence on people.

Milo: For myself, I would like to be a successful songwriter and producer. I'd especially like to create my own record company and be able to have creative artists and give other people the opportunity that I've had.


There seem to be a lot of Latino male groups such as Nu Flavor, No Mercy, and yourselves that have been pretty successful lately. The Latino male is sort of "in style." Any ideas on why that might be?

Octaviano: Apart from having looks and everything that the general public is looking at, I think all groups are very talented. No Mercy are very talented singers. I think what makes Spanish Fly unique is that we are just a duo and all the other groups are either trios or quartets.


This issue of qvMagazine is focused and themed on Love. That includes love of family, friends, and yourselves. What is the most important type of love that you believe in?

Octaviano: I think unconditional love for the people around you is most important. Being able to express your feelings and the desire to have people around you is plenty of love for me.


Is there anyone special in your lives?

Milo: The special people in my life are in my family.

Octaviano: For me, my mom is very special to me. My sister and immediate family and friends and relatives.


You will be performing at Club Papi, a Latino club in San Jose. Obviously, you are comfortable with the Latino portion of your fans. Is there anything that you would like say to that group of your fans?

Octaviano: Thank you for your support and being down with Spanish Fly. We have much love for everyone-all of our fans.

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