Editorial Letter | February/March 1998

QVolé Latinos!

Welcome to the third issue of Quo Vadis! With this issue, we reach February and March-the months of Valentine's Day and Spring Love! We have titled this issue "Love" because it relates so perfectly to this time of year. It also completes our opening three-issue collection of qvMagazine-the trilogy of "Love, Style, and Unity." Each of these one-word themes helps convey what we feel are three of the most special and necessary elements of our Latino community.

Valentine's-what a special holiday! It's a day about love, perhaps the most powerful force we know. How love starts at such an early age! We receive love from family, friends, and even school mates on this day! Remember how we use to give those cute little Valentine's cards to every boy and girl in elementary school- even the ones we didn't know?

PhotoAs little niños, we had puppy love. But as we grew older, and as we became aware of our sexualities, love and Valentine's took on a whole new meaning. While other guys were pairing off with girls, we were left alone, wishing for that Valentine's love from a cute guy. Those times were lonely, but we managed to survive!

As time passes, and as we start to date (or settle down, as the case may be), Valentine's takes on a deeper meaning. For some, Valentine's means a day of giving that perfect gift-a day of sharing love with a man-a beautiful Latino man. For others, Valentine's still means a day of loneliness-a reminder to keep on looking for that special hombre-a day of wishful thinking that someday "I will have a Valentine's, too." And still, for others, Valentine's is a reminder to leave a rotten relationship-a reminder to find something new and leave their current man behind. On one hand, true love brings rapture to the heart and intense happiness to our lives. On the other hand, it rules the heart so majestically that it has the potential to destroy friendships, spawn jealous rages, dictate lives, and lead us toward unforeseen dangers.

Sometimes, there are many contradictions that coexist with love, such as lust. Many people figure that just because they find someone who has the face of an Aztec warrior or physicalities beyond the wildest imagination, that they are in love. In essence, however, this doesn't necessarily ring true! Lust is a tiny fraction in a relationship. Wherever there is love or even a reminder of love such as on Valentine's, we must educate ourselves and always learn from past mistakes.

But away from the downside of amor, if you really think about it, there is so much positive love: the love for our families and friends, the special love between two men, the love for our cats and dogs, and even the love for our ourselves-not to mention the love we display for the beauty of nature and for the immense complexity of our Creator.

In this "Love" issue, you'll find challenging stories about the complexities and realities of love as it pertains to the Latino community, and a special new feature focusing on Latinos, who aren't necessarily seen, but are definitely heard and felt throughout our community.

Valentine's is not just a holiday for homeboys in love, but a holiday for los amigos to unite. So enjoy this issue, in print or visit our website at: www.qvmagazine.com, and remember to show your love to everyone-male or female; brown, black or white; straight or QV.

Peace & Love.



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