Chingaderas | February/March 1998


A new twist to the Ken and Barbie ideal

Meet Carlos, a new partner for Billy the QV Doll. Yes, Carlos is a short-haired, muscular, masculine, good-looking Latino man. Billy, on the other hand, is an all-American, gym-type, blonde-haired white male. What separates these two dolls from Barbie's companion, Ken, is that both Billy and Carlos have their "natural tools" in place. The manufacturer took it one step further with Carlos: he is uncircumcised, Billy is not! If you look closely, you can also see that Carlos has Billy's name tattooed on his arm. Wow, is that a true commitment!? So what does this all mean? It can mean several things, depending on how you look at it. We wonder if Carlos' uncircumcision is just another stereotype linked to (our) his "cultural heritage," or is Carlos just supposed to represent one type of a Latino? Maybe it would have been fun to surprise us with each individual doll! And as for the tattoo, it can be viewed either as Latino lovers being so committed that they will go so far as to tattoo their partner's name on themselves, or then again, you can also look at it as Carlos falling into a stereotype of being Billy's Latino "Boy Toy" or a "Exotic" sex partner. What do you think? We can spend days breaking this down, but you be the judge.

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