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Cover photo by Rick Trujillo

About the Cover

Our Military Issue cover model is Raudo Checo. This 28-year-old New Yorker is of Spanish/Indian descent. His hobbies include biking, weightlifting, movies, and especially dancing. He is also very interested in fashion and his goal is to design his own line of clothes and open up his own store. Raudo is currently single. The most important quality he looks for in a guy is, above all else, honesty. When asked what the best thing about being QV is, he responds, “We’ve got rhythm and we’re charismatic.”

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Model: Mike

Model: Mike;
Photo courtesy Papicock

Military Men

WELCOME TO THE MILITARY ISSUE! We are proud to bring you a new issue that will take a look at Latinos like never before! We will take a look at them in the armed services. At a time when we find ourselves fighting the War on Terrorism, and (at press time) with the possibility of going to war in Iraq, it feels only natural to do an issue dedicated to these brave men.

The issue of QVs in the military has been a long debated issue. Should QVs be allowed in the military? Or not! One must ask the question, “What does sexual orientation have to do with serving your country?”...

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Jarret Barrios
Jarret Barrios,
Massachusetts State Senator

Tidbits of news, views, and politics—
...In and around the qvCommunity.

  • Latino STATE SENATOR! Jarret Barrios is elected to Massachusetts State Senate.
  • MIAMI VOTERS SUPPORT QVS Voters reject a referendum that would have cut rights for LGBTs.
  • ANNOUNCING QV WEDDINGS! Several major newspapers now include QV marriage announcements.
  • LATINOS’ HIGH SCHOOL BLUES! Latino Dropout Rate Soars.

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Photo by Matthew Scott Drake

Deadlee's Rap
A Latino Rapper? Meet Deadlee, a Homie Who's Breaking Barriers in Hip Hop!

--By qvStaff

AT FIRST GLANCE, you might think that rapper Deadlee is just like any other rapper. Like his peers, he’s tough and masculine, and he sings about the harsh reality called life, but where other rappers rap about being with girls, Deadlee doesn’t. He is QV—and he brings that side of his life to the forefront in his music and performances.

“I talk about my reality. For some people, that’s a trip. I’ll put in my rap stuff about sex with guys....I’ll also talk about serious stuff like a QV marathoner who has HIV, and he’s kind of running for the race, and he’s running for his life. It’s controversial for some people, but this is my reality.” —Deadlee

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Photo by Luther Orrick-Guzman

Jaguares' Vampire
Guitarist Vampiro talks about his work with legendary Rock en Español Band Jaguares

--By Luther Orrick-Guzman

I CAN RECALL only one other instance where I was about to interview a Latin Rock band and was caught by surprise by one of the band members. The first time was when I went to interview La Ley at a secret location, and to my surprise, Pedro Frugone, the guitar player, opened the door to invite me inside. The second time was for my pending phone interview with Vampiro of Jaguares.

“And for QV readers, I want to say that this record is especially made for the fans like you. It’s a little thank you for everything you’ve done for us in supporting us all these years.” —Vampiro, Jagaures

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Terri Nunn, Berlin
Photo by Luther Orrick-Guzman

Like Nunn Other
Terri Nunn, Lead Singer of Berlin, Speaks to QV!

--By Luther Orrick-Guzman

IT’S THE FIRST NIGHT of the tour. It’s her hometown, and all her friends are going to be there. As she adds the final touches to her performance during sound check, you almost find yourself saying, “Who’s that 17 year old girl?” But it’s really a mature and sexy Terri Nunn, lead singer of the ’80s band Berlin!.

“I ask her if she has ever seen any Terri Nunn drag queens. She responds, “I’ve seen three. I remember Viva. I saw him at a club out here (in Los Angeles) called Peanuts and there he was...doing Terri Nunn. That was amazing! .” —Terri Nunn

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qvFeature Interview!

Photo by Lynn Goldsmith

Seeing Double!
An Interview With Cassandra Peterson, the Brains Below the Bouffant of Elvira!

THE BOYS ON SANTA MONICA BOULEVARD were going crazy. It was the Christopher Street West 2002 QV Pride Parade in West Hollywood and who was coming down the boulevard but the mistress of the dark—the boobs with the ’tude—Elvira!

As for looking like a chola, Cassandra says, “That’s definitely Elvira’s look. I think the Latino audience thinks I’m some kind of chola.”—Cassandra Peterson, AKA Elvira

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America Ferrara
America Ferrara

America's Dreams
The Stare of the Film "Real Women Have Curves" Speaks to QV.

AMERICA FERRARA IS A FRESH, NEW FACE and tremendous talent who stars in the incredible new film “Real Women Have Curves.” This film, directed by Patricia Cardoso, was originally intended to be an HBO television movie, but it was such an amazingly clever piece of work that HBO decided to release it to theaters instead. America plays the lead character in this film which brings never-before-seen aspects of a Latin American family to mainstream American audiences.

“I love this film because it shows us as intelligent, bright people. Usually, we (Latinas) tend to be represented in a negative light. The majority of the stories you hear about girls from East Los Angeles are about them getting pregnant or being drug dealers. It’s definitely a more positive approach.” —America Ferrara

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Model: Raudo

Photo by Rick Trujillo

A Word to Our War Heroes
qvReaders Send Messages to Latinos Fighting the War on Terrorism.

THE U.S. HAS BEEN FIGHTING, the War on Terrorism for over a year now, and although the fight isn’t over yet, it’s important for us to keep our U.S. soldiers in our prayers. After all, they are the brave souls who are fighting to protect us and our country. Also, it is important to realize that among the soldiers, many of them are not just Latino, but Latinos. In a recent QV Magazine poll, we asked you, “If you could say anything to these Latino heroes, who are fighting the War on Terrorism, what would you say to them?” Here’s what you said:

“For one, I salute you for the work well done on taking care of America. Second, thanks for showing America that we Latinos are not lazy, good-for-nothings who don’t do anything for our country. We are considered the minority, but when it comes down to it, we are there for our country.” —34 years old, Hollywood, CA.

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Feature Stories
Joe Perez
Joe Perez

In the Army
A Latino Army Veteran Talks About His Experiences in the Gulf War, and More.
--By qvStaff Roldán

JOE PEREZ WAS RAISED in the New York’s South Bronx—a place where he says being QV was something that was never talked about. At the young age of 17, he enlisted in the U.S. Army where he served for a total of seven years on both active duty and reserve. This is Joe’s story about serving in the Army—including Desert Shield/Desert Storm...

“I think the Army made me more QV—much more QV than ever before. Here I went into the Army to become straight, and I left so QV.” —Joe Perez

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Serving in Silence
A 23-Year-Old Latino Talks to qvMagazine About His Current Service Within the Army and Being in the Closet.
--By qvStaff Roldán

WHEN WE FIRST TALKED to our interviewee, a 23 year old Latino in the Army, he refused to do this interview because he was concerned that it would somehow get back to the Army—and that he would be discharged for being QV. So in order to protect his privacy, we promised him we would not use his name nor would we publish any pictures of him. It was only then that this young Latino military man decided to speak to us...

“I’d say that the hardest part of being here is not being able to share happy moments with my friends or even be honest with them. I’d like to let everyone know the truth about me, but the Army’s policy prevents me.”

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qvAdvice Columns

The fierce La Chicharona reveals what the stars have in store for you!

HEY QV READERS! Although the weather is getting c-c-c-colder these days, my advice to my qvBoys is gettin’ hotter! From men to money, my crystal ball is telling me that you can expect some good things...wait, I mean some really, really great things to happen to you during the next few months. My suggestion to you: enjoy it while it lasts!...

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Dear Papi
Boyfriend troubles getting you down? Let your dear 'ol Papi help you out.

THE PAPI IS IN! Haven’t you ever wished relationships weren’t so complicated? I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to find the right guy, the first time, then fall in love and have everything turn out right? Well, life isn’t quite that simple. But it’s all about learning and growing, and believe me, with relationships, you certainly learn and grow! So whatever is happening to you in your life right now, let me know...

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