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Mind, Body & Soul

Photo by David M. GilDEAR QV READERS! Over the years, we have taken on numerous themes within the pages of qvMagazine. Well, this time we’ve upped the ante a little bit by taking on a trinity of issues all rolled into one! With our theme, “Mind, Body & Soul,” we are going to be looking at Latinos from three separate angles.

Our “Mind” is what we use to make our every day decisions and to give us successful and productive lives. The mind develops our goals and gives us the capacity to know how to reach great success. In this issue, we proudly spotlight a Latino New York City teacher, who is using his mind to make a difference in the future generations while, at the same time, giving our Latino community something to be proud about.

Of course, our mind needs something physically to carry through its plans, and that vehicle is our body. By taking care of our bodies, we give our mind the physical capacity to achieve its goals. In this issue, we take a look at a group of Latino guys who have worked hard to sculpt their bodies into shape. The payoff for these guys being in great physical condition is that they are strong enough to do just about anything, not to mention, grab the attention of all those wandering eyes!

Finally, there’s the soul. Where would we be without a soul? Our soul is something that can’t be seen, yet it exists undeniably within our mind and body. It guides us, it inspires us, and it grounds us to the earth and the earth’s elements. In this issue, we speak with Latina comedienne Monica Palacios who talks about soul and her new play “Queer Soul.”

In addition, we’ve got three very special interviews! One is with actress and comedy queen Margaret Cho, who talks about her latest film and comedy CD. We’ve also got the hot rock group Concrete Blonde, who tells us not only about their reunion tour, but also about why they think Latinos really relate to their music. And finally, we’ve got an interview with sexy lightweight boxer Gabriel Ruelas who talks about his boxing comeback as well as his close relationship with the Latino community.

qv27 is a breakthrough issue that’s smart, funny, sensual—and one that should inspire you, if anything, to acknowledge the three important things in your life...and to take care of them: your mind, body, and soul!

—The qvStaff


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