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QV Guys Gone Wild!
Readers Reveal Their Craziest Summer Memories!

JC and JunitoEveryone knows that summer is when we men tend to get really heated up and crazy. But we wanted to find out from our readers exactly what was the craziest thing they’ve ever done in the summer months. It was almost scary how many responses we got describing acts of public nudity and group sex, but we’ve decided to keep this a little more PG-rated, so here are some of the more unique responses we got! Enjoy!

“I would have to say the craziest thing I’ve done in the summer is be intimate at the beach with a special someone on a hot day—that’s all I’m going to say!”
—24 years old, San Jose, CA

“I went skydiving one summer morning in New Zealand after partying all night. Falling 10,000 feet on a hangover is crazy!”
—21 years old, New York, NY

“The craziest thing I’ve done during the summer was quit my job and go backpacking through Alaska. I lived in my tent and traveled all over. It was great meeting new people, white water rafting, kayaking, and chasing the beautiful guys that seemed to grow on trees up there. It was three incredible months I will never forget.”
—35 years old, Atlanta, GA

“I went skinny dipping with my friends at the beach with some hella fine papi chulos!”
—18 years old, Long Beach, CA

“I taught art classes to 6-12 year old kids. They made it crazy!”
—23 years old, Chicago, IL

“I partied all night into the morning visiting the Big Apple.”
—42 years old, Austin TX

“Last summer, I lost my job and decided that since I had some money saved up, I’d go on a road trip to Florida. I then drove to California to visit family and then back to Illinois.”
—31 years old, West Peoria, IL

“I went party hopping with some college guys. We had a blast as we hit the clubs, and eventually, the beaches, partying until 6 a.m.”
—18 years old, Miami, FL

“The craziest thing I’ve done during the summer can’t be told because it’s XXX rated!”
—22 years old, San Francisco, CA

“While heading home from a club in New York City at 5am, me and a group of guys (all QV and bi) hopped the gate at a community pool and went skinny dipping. It was incredible—it’s amazing we didn’t get arrested!”
—32 years old, Brooklyn, NY

“Years ago, I called in sick to work, long distance from Austin, after a spontaneous road trip with friends to the Hill Country.”
—38 years old, Houston, TX

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