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DJ Angel With his Daughter Siouxsan


LOS ANGELES’ DJ ANGEL is a true talent in the Latino community. After many years of spinning records at various clubs in Los Angeles, he has now reached a new level of success having deejayed not only in the QV community, but at many parties for Hollywood’s biggest names. Angel has played for the likes of Madonna, Carmen Electra, Warren G., and the creators of “South Park.” He even played at the official 2002 Grammy’s after party! qvMagazine spoke with Angel about his high-profile career.

Angel first caught the deejaying bug when he was a teenager growing up in Los Angeles. He would hear music playing at various disco parties, and knew that one day he wanted to be the one at the turntables.

He says, “I started in my bedroom with a $100 Radio Shack mixer and one of my mom’s belt-driven turntables and another turntable that I inherited from a thrift store. They weren’t deejay turntables, but I used them to start practicing.”

Soon enough, one of Angel’s friends who knew he was fooling around with deejaying asked him if he could play at his birthday party. Angel laughingly recalls, “I didn’t know much back then, but I took my mom’s home speakers, home stereo, and what little equipment I had and did a little party for him. But it was fun and it was the first time I ever did it. That’s pretty much how I got started.”

When Angel turned 18, he went to live with a friend in Hollywood where he began taking jobs at various deejay record stores and making connections with other club deejays and promoters.

DJ AngelHe got his first real club gig at Rage, a QV club in West Hollywood where he worked for a good five years. From there he moved on to other clubs such as Circus, Arena, Micky’s, Temple, Que Pasa Papi, Club 80s at Ultra Suede, Oasis, Ozz, and even at various Saturday night t-parties. Has also played at QV Pride Festivals in West Hollywood, Long Beach, San Fernando, and San Diego, as well as at Latin Pride and at several qvMagazine parties.

Last February, Angel was asked to deejay for the official Grammy Awards after party at the Biltmore Hotel with DJ Irene, and it was an experience he’ll never forget.

Angel says he took the Grammys very seriously. He says, “Preparing for it was a major thing in my life. I took as much time as possible to get ready for it. You would think that being a deejay for so long, I wouldn’t have to prepare at all, but I did. I wanted to make sure I was playing the right things and that it was perfect.”

Well, all that preparation payed off. He says, “They (the Grammy organizers) called me after the party and told me they were really impressed by the way I worked. They said they’d never seen that room so packed and that they want me again next year!”

Having now played for so many celebrities, we asked Angel if he ever gets star struck. He says, “I’ve gotten used to it. When I was at the Grammys, JaRule was right there in front of me, and I was like, ‘Damn! That’s JaRule.’ But I wasn’t like not able to speak. The one person I got really weird with was Madonna. I was like, ‘I can’t believe I’m in the same room with Madonna!’ I think overcoming her cleared the way for everyone else.”

“Also,” he says, “when I worked at Prime Cuts (a deejay record store), I had a lot of celebrities come in. Dr. Dre was one of my customers, and so was Ice Cube, Damon Wayons, Queen Latifah. I’ve met a lot of celebrities and they’re ordinary people—they’re just famous.”

One might wonder what type of music can a person expect to hear from DJ Angel. The answer is everything! He explains, “I love music—period. I love playing it all. I like playing hip-hop, house, Latin. I cater to my crowd and what they like.”

One of the reasons Angel is such a great deejay is that he really learned from the best. He explains, “One person who really helped me out was DJ Irene. She really gave me a chance. She brought me into Arena one time before it was open and put me on a big sound system and showed me what to do. I give her many props for that. She helped me out in terms of getting my nerves ready to play.”

He continues, “Another person who really helped me out was (Los Angeles deejay) Ernie Pearl. We did a lot of deejaying and things together. I would really like to give him props, also.”

So what does the future have in store for Angel? His goal is to become a successful producer and engineer. He says, “I would like to go into film scoring also...making music for movies and cartoons. You know all the sound effects in cartoons? I would like to do that. I’m taking classes in producing right now, and I really enjoy it.”

He continues, “It’s not like going to school when you were young and where you dreaded going to math class. Here, I’m, ‘Oh, cool, I’m going to class to learn about speakers and amps!’ You start learning things you’re familiar with, but that you didn’t know how it worked from the inside. It has shed a whole new light on me on how to put my sound system together. It’s really cool to not just know how to deejay, but to know how the music is going through the system and how it’s going to come out on the other end. It’s very interesting.”

While Angel is busy working on his career, he also has an awesome home life. Specifically, he has an 8-year-old daughter named Siouxsan (pronounced Susan). Angel says, “She’s the most important thing in my life. She’s changed my life big time.”

And is there a special person in his life? “No.” Angel laughs. “I’m just having a good time now enjoying my life. I’m busy with school, work, and deejaying.”

When asked if there are any last thought he wants to share with qvReaders, he responds, “Believe in yourself and what you can do. Don’t lose hope in your dreams.”

You can check out DJ Angel at Oasis Nightclub on Thursday nights and at various Saturday night t-parties in Los Angeles. He’ll also be playing at a Bienestar fashion show at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles on July 21, 2002. In addition, he will be deejaying during New York Pride at Junior Vasquez’ club, “Earth.” He’s also been invited to play at the Latin Grammys this September in Los Angeles as well as the regular Grammys next year in New York City. You can e-mail him at
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