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qv26 Cover Girl

Paulina Rubio

Cover photo by
Luther Orrick-Guzman

On the Cover: Paulina Rubio
Latin Superstar Paulina Rubio Talks About Her Cross Over From Spanish to English Music.
--Cover Story By Luther Orrick-Guzman

Paulina Rubio has long been a star in the Spanish pop music world. And now, with her first English album, “Border Girl,” she’s poised to become a true international pop star.

“I don’t want to segregate my fans—I want to include everyone as a whole. That also means sexuality. I think my song. ‘Border Girl.’ can be a QV anthem because it talks about crossing borders in the name of love, and I believe in a world with no borders.” —Paulina Rubio

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Photo By Marcus Acosta

Photo by Marcus Acosta

Soakin' Up the Sun

WELCOME TO THE SWIMSUIT ISSUE! It’s that time of the year for a relaxed, fun-filled issue featuring the finest Latin papis! This time around, we’ve found some brand new qvBoyz for our hotter-than-hot Swimsuit Fashion spread. These guys will surely get you in the summertime mood.

Now, aside from the hot men in this issue, you’re also going to see something never seen before in the pages of qvMagazine. As you have probably already figured out from our cover, we have an interview with one of the the hottest singing divas today—Paulina Rubio! She is absolutely amazing! And what makes this issue special is that she is the first celebrity to ever appear on the cover of qvMagazine! Plus, she is also the first female to grace our cover! So please join the excitement, and welcome the first celebrity and the first qvGirl ever! ...

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Eric McCormack

Eric McCormack

Tidbits of news, views, and politics—
from in and around the qvCommunity.

  • Celebrate Latin Pride! • The 4th Annual Latin Pride celebration will be held August 4, 2002, in Downtown Los Angeles, California!
  • Parental Conversations • A new book entitiled "Conversaciones" gives Latino/a parents' perspectives on the LGBT kids.
  • Ave Maria Maria • Mexican silver screen legend Maria Felix dies.
  • Celebrate Your Culture! Listings of fun-filled events for QVs, Latinos, and Latinos throughout the country!
  • GLAAD Media Awards • Read what your favorite celebrities like Eric McCormack from "Will & Grace" and Doris Roberts from "Everybody Loves Raymond" told qvMagazine in these exclusive red carpet interviews.

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DJ Angel

DJ Angel
Photo by Luther Orrick-Guzman

Sounds From Heaven
DJ Angel Talks About Deejaying for the Stars!

--By qvStaff Roldán

LOS ANGELES’ DJ ANGEL is a true talent in the Latino community. After many years of spinning records at various clubs in Los Angeles, he has now reached a new level of success having deejayed not only in the QV community, but at many parties for Hollywood’s biggest names. Angel has played for the likes of Madonna, Carmen Electra, Warren G., and the creators of “South Park.” He even played at the official 2002 Grammy’s after party! qvMagazine spoke with Angel about his high-profile career.

“She (my daughter) , is the most important thing in my life. She’s changed my life big time.” —DJ Angel

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Junior Vasquez

Junior Vasquez
Photo by Jelle Wagenaar

Junior's Earth
Junior Vasquez Talks to QV about Music, Men...and Restaurants?!

--By Luther Orrick-Guzman

ONE OF THE most influential deejays in the world is Junior Vasquez. He is the kind of deejay that other deejays admire, respect, and consider an influence on their work. With his current critically acclaimed release, “Earth Music,” on Tommy Boy Records, Junior continues to give us dance beats like no one else can.

“My music is very rhythmic—my loops and my drums—and I relate to the energy, freedom, laid back attitude, and party vibe of the Latin community.” —Junior Vasquez

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Par-Dual (l-r): Omar Vielma, Julio Vielma, Raul Zuñiga, Rodrigo Navarro, and Carlos Quiñones
Photo by Luther Orrick-Guzman

Let's Talk About Sex!
Rock en Español Group Par-Dual Gets Kinky With QV!

--By Luther Orrick-Guzman

WHO SAYS HARD WORK, perseverance, and of course, talent don’t pay off? For Latin rock group Par-Dual, the creators of the “Hollywood Pop sound in Spanish,” they have been making a name for themselves since 1999 by constantly touring and associating with some of the biggest Latin rock acts like Enanitos Verdes, Maldita Vecindad, and Mikel Erentxun. In fact, Par-Dual has earned such respect that even legendary Latin rock artist Laureano Brizuela proclaimed himself their godfather at the group’s recent release party.

“I think I am...I think I am straight, but if any of the fans want to e-mail me, they can. I think I’m pretty much straight, but I can definitely admire the beauty in a man.” —Rodrigo Navarro, Par-Dual

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JC and Junito

Models: JC and Junito
Photo by Richard Torres

QV Guys Gone Wild!
Readers Reveal Their Craziest Summer Memories!

EVERYONE KNOWS that summer is when we men tend to get really heated up and crazy. But we wanted to find out from our readers exactly what was the craziest thing they’ve ever done in the summer months. It was almost scary how many responses we got describing acts of public nudity and group sex, but we’ve decided to keep this a little more PG-rated, so here are some of the more unique responses we got! Enjoy!

“I would have to say the craziest thing I’ve done in the summer is be intimate at the beach with a special someone on a hot day—that’s all I’m going to say!” —24 years old, San Jose, CA

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Feature Stories
Photo by Michael McDevitt

Photo by Michael McDevitt

Mad Doggin'
A Fictional Story About One Guy's Fascination with a "Bad Boy."
--By Adrian de la Pena

I ALWAYS WONDERED what was going on with this one homeboy I always saw at the club. He was always messed up, you know? He’d have a black eye one week, and then the next time I’d see him, he’d have a swollen lip or his hand bandaged up, or even a limp to his walk. “He must love to fight,” I thought...

"All any of us knew about him was that, because of his masculine hard-core vato look, he was fine. But no one would talk to him because it didn˙t seem like he was the kind of person you'd want to mess with—he just looked dangerous to all of us..."

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Overcoming Obstacles
An Afro-Cuban-Dominican Man Recalls the Challenges He’s Faced in Life as a Mixed Latino.
--By Tor'Juan

AS A YOUNG Afro-Cuban-Dominican mixed male from the Midwest (Michigan), I see a society that’s completely different from other parts of the country—a society where most races keep to themselves. Whites live in the suburbs, blacks and Arabs live in the ‘hood,’ while Mexicans claim the southwest side of Detroit. Because of my mixed ethnicity, I am often asked if my hair is permed or what I am mixed with. It is an ignorance that I’m faced with almost every other day...

“No one knew what to think about me, so I was teased constantly. Every day on the school bus, people would call me ‘faggot’ and ‘weirdo’ just because I was so quiet.” —Tor'Juan

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Reynaldo Magdaleno

Reynaldo Magdaleno

Michigan's QV Comunidad
Latinos in Michigan Now Have a Place to Call Their Own!
--Interview By qvStaff Roldán

WHEN YOU THINK OF LATINO COMMUNITIES in the U.S., generally the first places that come to mind are Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, and the Southwest. But actually, we Latinos are all over this great country. Recently, qvMagazine spoke with Reynaldo Magdaleno, one of the coordinators of a Michigan Latino support organization called “La Comunidad,” and talked to him about what life is like for Latinos in the Great Lakes State.

"I grew up in Detroit and lived a 'straight' life where nobody knew about me. When I decided to come out, I sort of pushed away all the people I grew up with and created a new network of friends—just in case my old friends rejected me. But when I did come out to my old friends, everybody was very accepting." —Reynaldo Magdaleno, Latino Outreach Coordinator, La Comunidad

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Rony and Brian

Models: Rony & Brian
Photo by Luther Orrick-Guzman

The Summer Love Shack!
Three Hot Chulos Show off This Summer's Hottest Swimwear Fashions from YNGVE.

It’s time for our Annual qvSummer Swimsuit Issue. This year we’ve brought together three sexy new qvModels, each with his own distinct look and style, and put them together in a little Love Shack setting. These guys sat down in our qvStraw Hut to model these summer outfits from the YNGVE fashion line. So meet Brian Prieto, Joe W. Marasco, and Rony Melghem—our qv26 Swimsuit Models!

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qvAdvice Columns

The fierce La Chicharona reveals what the stars have in store for you!

HOLA PAPIS! We’re in the dawg days of summer—my favorite time of the year. A time when all of the papis come out with their shirts off and their sexy tattoos showing. But while it’s nice to look at all that eye candy, I do have a job to do—to tell you all about what these summer months have in store for you. And let me tell you, my “Spider Girl Sense” is tingling about you in spots you can’t even imagine! So get ready for one hell of a summer!...

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Dear Papi
Boyfriend troubles getting you down? Let your dear 'ol Papi help you out.

THE PAPI IS IN! Haven’t you ever wished relationships weren’t so complicated? I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to find the right guy, the first time, then fall in love and have everything turn out right? Well, life isn’t quite that simple. But it’s all about learning and growing, and believe me, with relationships, you certainly learn and grow! So whatever is happening to you in your life, let me know...

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