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Model: TarekIN THE WORLD OF SPORTS it’s rare to find Latinos involved in anything other than baseball, boxing, or soccer. But QV has found out that we Latinos do anything and everything. In fact, many of us really like to live on the edge. Here’s what you told us when we asked you, “What’s is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?”

“My most adventurous thing I did was I once went bungee jumping and it felt great. You get this crazy ass rush to your head and then your heart stops for a second when you feel that it’s over, but it’s really just beginning. Your trip back up makes your whole body numb. It’s great.”
—22 years old, Los Angeles, CA

“I would have to say going to a nude beach in Barcelona, Spain and joining in! This was my first nude beach experience, and I was amazed at how no one cared or stared at each other...and amazed at what hunks those Spaniard men are! So I thought, ‘What the hell, I’m not from one knows me here,’ and off came the shorts. Twenty minutes later, I actually ran into one of my co-workers from Dallas, TX!”
—23 years old, Frisco, TX

“I hopped on a plane to Miami with no return ticket. It was a spur of the moment idea and I had to figure out how I was going to make it back home with only $75 in my wallet.”
—28 years old, New York, NY

“When I was in middle school, my friends and I went camping with the school. For twenty minutes, I had to walk in pitch darkness without a flashlight. It was creepy hearing things in the bushes. It was just like ‘Blair Witch Project.’”
—25, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Once I went white water rafting and had a blast. The adrenaline was sin equa non.”
—38 years old, Veracruz, Mexico

“Rappelling down a mountain! That was such a rush!”
—38 years old, Phoenix, AZ

“Probably the most adventurous things I’ve ever done was scuba dive off a reef in Papua, New Guinea, while sharks swam less than ten feet away.”
—33 years old, Washington, DC

“My most adventurous time was when I was in Cancun with my friends. We went pyramid climbing, scuba diving, and swimming with the dolphins. I had a blast!”
—20 years old, Chicago, IL

“Coming back from the clubs in Mexico one night, my friends and I were stopped at the Texas border. And having had way too many drinks myself, I insisted that I was sober enough to do roundoff back handsprings for the Border Patrol—which I did successfully! He let us pass.”
—26 years old, Dallas, TX


1. Hiking
2. Rock Climbing
3. White Water Rafting
4. Scuba Diving
5. Skiing
6. Water Skiing
7. Snowboarding
8. Bungee Jumping
9. Sailing
10. Sky Diving

Dayum, just look at the top ten list of activities! Which ones have you tried?

“I once went cross country skiing. I skied from high in the snow above the Yosemite Valley down to the valley floor. It was cold, snowing, and then our group had to ‘break trail.’ It took all afternoon to get back to the valley floor. I had to take several breaks, and I thought for sure that I had hypothermia in my hands.”
—36 years old, San Jose, CA

“One time, I was a little kid, and I once rode a donkey. It was so adventurous. I was scared because the donkey was going really fast.”
—18 years old, Huntington Park, CA

“The most adventurous thing I have done is rock climbing. It was a school trip and ever since then, I’ve loved it.”
—18 years old, Lakewood CA

“Drag racing my Mustang 5.0 at the race track was very adventurous for me—and practicing takeoffs and landings in a small plane.”
—27 years old, Lancaster, PA

“The most adventurous thing I’ve done is go sailing from New York to Bermuda.”
—31 years old, Albuquerque, NM

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