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Photo by David GilWELCOME TO THE ADVENTURE ISSUE! This high-octane issue is dedicated to showing Latinos who like to push the boundaries and live on the edge. You’ll see Latinos doing things you never thought we could do—and going places you never thought we would go.

Of course, when we see images of QVs in the media, we usually don’t see us as a courageous group of people. However, there is a whole other world of QVs out there who are involved in sports and other crazy activities. From bungee jumping and skydiving to skiing and surfing, we can be a daring group of individuals! And in this issue of qvMagazine, we’ll explore just what we, particularly Latinos, are doing to make our lives daring and exciting.

We start off by talking to a Latino man from Pennsylvania named Dennis Ramos. His greatest thrill is flying airplanes, and in this issue, he talks to us about his fascination of flying high and being up in the wild blue yonder.

Next, we head off to the sunny beaches of Southern California, where we meet a young man who simply enjoys riding the waves. That’s right, we’ve got an interview with a Latino surfer! His name is Michael Alexander, and he will tell us about the thrills and what it takes to “hang ten.”

In addition, we’ve got a very special interview with a true champion for Latinos. He’s a New York City police officer, and he shares with us some of the incredible challenges he has faced on the police force for being not only QV, but Latino as well. In addition, he also discusses the emotional challenges he has experienced in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

On the lighter side of things, we’ve got a great interview with one of today’s biggest Latino stars: Benjamin Bratt. Among other things, Ben discusses his thoughts about playing a bisexual man in the acclaimed film “Piñero.”

Of course, we also have the usual dose of pictures featuring some of the finest Latino qvBoyz in the country.

So get ready to read an issue that will get you all psyched up to go out and do something wild, crazy, and fun! Live life on the edge and enjoy the new adventure issue!

—The qvStaff

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