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Boyz Will Be Boyz

THIS IS OUR FIRST ISSUE IN THE YEAR 2002 and it is with great optimism that we look at the year ahead. This will be a year of great expansion for qvMagazine. In the magazine itself, we are bracing ourselves to expand the number of pages and to add more color pages. In cyberworld, we’ve already upgraded our website, and we’ll be adding more interesting gadgets—including an upgrade of qvTelevision—and a news and events section. Finally, in the events/promotions department, we’re busy making preparations for several special qvEvents nationwide. We’ll keep you posted on all these exciting events coming soon.

In the meantime, we are proud to present the Amigos/Compadres issue! This is a cool issue dedicated to all those QV and straight people, who are there for us...who help make our QV lives a little easier!

First off, we have an incredible story of a Latino man, who is disabled. In this story, he tells us the challenges he faces in making friends or even just being accepted in the Latino community.

In addition, we take a look at two guys who are best friends. Sounds simple enough, right? The catch is that one of these guys is QV, and the other is straight. Check out this story as it illustrates a new generation that is all about integration—not separation.

On a more investigative tip, we take a look at Latinos who are part of the brotherhood of college fraternities. Within a fraternity, members are supposed to be tight like brothers. So what happens when a frat brother comes out and says he’s QV? Can he overcome the social stigma or must he hide inside a fraternity closet? Find out in this intriguing story.

Also in this issue, we’ve got some great interviews with several Latino actors. Among them is Oscar-nominated actor Javier Bardem, who talks about his latest role as a QV man in the film, “Segundo Piel.” In addition, we chat with Gael Garcia Bernal, the star of the Golden Globe nominated foreign film, “Y Tú Mama También.” We also put the spotlight on New Yorker Eddie Marrero, an actor who is making it in all three acting mediums—film, television and theater.

Plus, we speak to one of the hottest young Latino actors in Hollywood today—Jay Hernandez. Find out what he says about Latinos and how one QV man changed the course of his life forever.

The qv24—The Amigos/Compadres Issue is a breakthrough issue. It’s one that will open your eyes, especially to the diversity in our community. Share it with your compadres, homeboyz, peeps, and everyone else you know. Enjoy!

—The qvStaff

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