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Triumph Over Pain

Only two days before this issue was to be printed, terrible events on the East Coast occurred. As we were glued to our television sets, we watched in horror as both majestic towers of NY's World Trade Center collapsed after being hit by two separate planes. We also witnessed the horrific damage that was done to the Pentagon after it, too, was hit by a plane. Then we heard of a fourth plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. Our prayers and condolences go out to all those who have been affected by these tragedies

This brings us to the topic of this issue-Triumphs. In life, there are many things that happen that we don't like. But the idea of triumph is to face these challenges and make the best out of the situation. One example of triumph is what we are seeing in the Latino community. In the last four years that qvMagazine has been in existence, we've seen more unity among Latinos than ever before. Latino cultural events are being successfully executed across the country, Latino websites are popping up right and left, and publications like qvMagazine are receiving great support.

In addition, we're also seeing more integration between QVs and straights in the Latino community. We've seen this remarkable integration first-hand whether it be through qvMagazine's presence at a mainstream Latino event like the Edward James Olmos Book and Family Festival in Los Angeles, or by our regular interviews with Latino celebrities who, for the first time ever, share their feelings about Latinos!

Of course, visibility-that is QV visibility, is a great accomplishment for our community, and with each issue of qvMagazine, we are determined to provide a visibility, a voice for our people. We are determined to reach more places and more people across the country-and eventually, internationally. With your support, qvMagazine will continue to show the Latino community in a powerful way, and in a way where you can feel proud to be a part of it.

On a more personal level, in life, there are times when it may seem as if we Latinos are faced with the perception that life's cards are stacked against us. Is it, perhaps, because we're QV? Latino? A double minority? Whatever it is, one thing to remember is that we are important, and we have the ability to triumph over oppression.

But in order for us to triumph, we have to conquer, first and foremost, one of our biggest enemies-and that is, the fear of ourselves. We have to be able to accept who we are and say, "Hey, I'm a QV man, and I'm proud of it!" Being able to fully accept who we are is a triumph. It's one that can save our lives and change our outlook on life, for the better!

In this new issue of qvMagazine, we talk about Triumphs-things that Latinos are doing to reach their fullest potential as human beings. These individuals are special, ambitious, and are on their way to success, if not already there. They are great examples of how someone who is QV can accept themselves just as they are, and at the same time, be a positive role model and a significant contributor to society. For example, in this issue, we'll meet Eddie Gutierrez, a bright 23-year-old man who has worked to bring awareness of Latino issues to mainstream Latino political organizations. It is without doubt that Eddie's future as a Latino political leader is promising.

Another example of a Latino role model who is on his way to success is Chicago native Tadeo Garcia. This young man is a true visionary who is achieving his dream of becoming a filmmaker. His first short film, "Broken Warning," is an 11 minute film that shows two Latinos, who are QV and who are in a gang. This film has established Garcia as someone who is taking his craft seriously, and the film has earned him a Best Drama award from the Planetout.com Short Film Awards.
Finally, we meet a Latino man named David Luna. This man is a true role model for what we Latinos can accomplish because at the young age of 25 years old, he has already become a doctor. Read what he has to say about how he got to where he is now.

For us here at qvMagazine, we hope this issue will serve as a reminder to allow yourself to reach your fullest potential in all areas of your life. Continue to reach your goals and no matter what happens in the world, continue to triumph over life's challenges.
-The qvStaff

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