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qvCover Boy

qvCover Model
Sal Morales.

Photo by
Luther Orrick-Guzman

Styling by David Dubin

About the cover:
Our qv22 cover model is Sal Morales. This sexy 27-year-old Mexican/Sicilian currently resides in San Jose, California where he works as an accountant. Currently, he is single and is looking for a good man who has a good head on his shoulders-someone who can take care of himself. Sal enjoys running, swimming, biking, working out, and anything outdoors. Above all, he enjoys spending time with his daughter, Cassandra Monique Morales, whom he says, "She is the best thing that ever happened to me. She is going to be 5 soon and is just amazing. She is my angel from heaven. I love you Cassie!"

When we asked Sal to name one of his major triumphs in life, he responded, "I think the biggest triumph for me was coming out to my parents. I always knew who I was, but my parents made it more difficult to be comfortable with who I was. My mother made it clear that she disliked QV people and that none of her children better be like that. So on the day I told them, they disowned me and my world was shattered because everything I knew was gone. Eventually, everything turned out okay, and today my parents and I are the best of friends now. They support me in everything I do, and I would go through this experience all over again because at the end, love did triumph over ignorance. I love you mom and dad!"

Triumph Over Pain
Only two days before this issue was to be printed, terrible events on the East Coast occurred. As we were glued to our television sets, we watched in horror as both majestic towers of NY's World Trade Center collapsed after being hit by two separate planes. We also witnessed the horrific damage that was done to the Pentagon after it, too, was hit by a plane. Then we heard of a fourth plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. Our prayers and condolences go out to all those who have been affected by these tragedies... [click here to read full text]

GI Joe

The new Latino
GI Joe doll.

Tidbits of news, views, and politics-from in and around the qvCommunity.

  • Lookout, Ken! Latin G.I. Joe is here! Toy company Hasbro issues a Latino-named G.I. Joe doll.
  • 600,000 Same-Sex Couples in the U.S.: Lesbian and QV families are an integral part of American society.
  • They Said What? Latino celebrities like Esai Morales and Nydia Rojas talk to qvMagazine about the Latino Community!

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qvMusik [available in print version only]

Missing Persons guitarist Warren Cucurullo and vocalist Dale Bozio.

Missing Persons
--Photo & interview by Luther Orrick-Guzman
Lately, reunions have proven successful for a number of groups from the '80s. The latest reunion comes from new wave band Missing Persons, the band famous for songs like, "Destination Unknown," "Words," "Walking in LA," "Mental Hopscotch," and "I Like Boys!" qvMagazine spoke with two of the band members: female vocalist Dale Bozzio and guitarist Warren Cuccurullo during their sold out one-night concert at the world famous Roxy in Los Angeles.

The first of the Missing Persons to arrive to the interview is Warren Cuccurullo, a sexy Brazilian guitarist who started his career with Frank Zappa. After telling Warren that QV is a Latin QV magazine, he says, "Oh, I've done that! Actually, right now you can find my recent 27-page spread in 'G Magazine' (a Brazilian QV magazine) as the first rock star to ever pose in a magazine with an erection! My pics are all over the internet as well!"....

[click here for more]

DJ Abel

DJ Spotlight: DJ Abel
--Photo by Luther Orrick-Guzman; Interview by Marcus Reynaga
Latino deejays continue to be a dominant force in the dance music world. In fact, their influence is astonishing! From the Miami club called Salvation comes yet another fierce Latin deejay named DJ Abel-a man responsible for many of Miami's hypnotic tribal sounds and for his remixes for artists such as Gloria Estefan and Celia Cruz. qvMagazine sat down with Abel to chat about his life and his skyrocketing career.

"The reason I play circuit parties is because those are the only people who are calling me. I would love to do (more) Latin (events) the problem is a lot of (Latin) people still don't know me. They don't travel (very much). The circuit crowd travels. The Latin community outside of Miami may view me as just a "Circuit DJ" but I'm not. I do many Latin events like Factoria and Café Con Leche in New York--the Latin stuff! (Those) who see me as just a circuit DJ would be surprised at what I can do" --DJ Abel.

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--Photo & interview by Luther Orrick-Guzman
Latin Grammy nominee Rabanes is a rock en español group who is seeing their success grow and grow! Their self-titled album was recently nominated for a Latin Grammy in the Best Rock Album category, and the group is in the middle of a highly successful concert tour. They even played a special performance with Sting in January 2001 in their home country of Panama. But is their music causing controversy?...

[click here for more]

Fashion [available in print version only]

Models: Frank & William

A Fireside Romance
--Photo by Luther Orrick-Guzman;
Styling by Gabriel Avila for DivaGoneWild Prds.

As the chilly winter comes upon us, we often find ourselves seeking a quieter, more romantic side of life. A night of intimacy with that special somebody next to a fireplace and perhaps even reading a book together-now that's what you call a romance! We spied on two of our qvModels named Freddy and William as they shared a romantic evening together...

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Model: Oscar Rene Serrano

What Gave You the Courage to Come Out?
Photo by Luther Orrick-Guzman
Remember how hard life used to be when you were still in the closet? Remember how you had to hide? Then, eventually, there came a time in your life when you realized, "This is not good. Why am I wasting so much energy pretending to be something I'm not," and at that moment, that became a turning point in your life. In our latest qvSurvey, we asked you about that turning point. We asked you what gave you the courage to come out of the closet...

[click here to read full text]

Feature Stories

"Broken Warning" director Tadeo Garcia.

On the Road to Hollywood
Latino filmmaker Tadeo Garcia creates a short fim about QV gangbangers. -- Interview by Gilberto Magana Cantu
Tadeo Garcia is a 24 year old Mexican-American from Chicago, IL. With aspirations to become a big-time director, he has directed a short film called "Broken Warning," which has just won best drama in the second annual Planetout.com short movie awards!...

[click here for more]
[click here to watch "Broken Warning"]

Members of CHCI's informal "Queer Caucus": (l-r) Javier Angulo, Angela Medina,
Eddie Gutierrez, & Eric Wagner

Leaders of Tomorrow
Queer Latinos join CHCI to learn how to become political leaders!
-- By qvStaff Roldán
The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) is a Washington, DC organization that provides educational services and leadership development programs to Hispanic youth nationwide. It also has a nine month Fellowship Program, which offers up to 20 promising Latinos from across the country a chance to gain hands-on experience at the federal level in public policy. Last year, among the 20 people accepted into the fellowship program, it was discovered that seven of them were QV! So what did these seven people do? They created an informal group called the Queer Caucus. It was, for the first time, a rare chance to bring up Latino issues to the forefront of CHCI. qvMagazine spoke to one of these seven people, Eddie Gutierrez, about his fellowship experience, about the Queer Caucus, and about being a Latino man interested in politics...

[click here for more]

Dr. David Luna

Calling Dr. Luna
qvMagazine chats with an ambitious young man, who's already a doctor at 25!
-- By qvStaff Roldán
David Luna is a Latino doctor! An ambitious young man, he studied medicine for six years in San Francisco then moved to Los Angeles, where he is now doing his residency at the UCLA Medical Center in the Family Practice Department. qvMagazine talked to Dr. Luna about his professional life in the medical field, his plans for the future, and what it means to be QV...

[click here for more]

qvAdvice Columns

Astrolo-V: The fierce La Chicharona reveals what the stars have in store for you!
Hey chulos! Brrrr! It's starting to get nippy out there. The leaves are falling, the sky is turning to an autumn red, and La Chicharona is preparing to keep herself warm during the night. I just need one fine chulo-like the one in the picture to the left-to be there...to hold me...and to keep me warm! About you? Here's what I see for you and your future, and don't worry-it's all goooooood!... [click here to read
full text]

Dear Papi: Boyfriend troubles getting you down? Let your dear 'ol Papi help you out.
Triumphs! Triumphs! Triumphs! The accomplishment of finding Mr. Right can be a triumph in itself, que no? Of course, the process can sometimes take you on a roller coaster ride that you would rather avoid so if guy troubles are getting you down, or whatever it is that's on your mind, then talk to me... [click here to read
full text]

More pictures! More surveys! More stories! More sexy models! More of everything you like! Plus, you get to see the Latinos in Da House section, music reviews, qvNation, and the list goes on and on! Get the Full Vibe at Barnes & Noble or at Tower Records--or Click here to get a Free issue!

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