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YOU BOUGHT new clothes, got a fresh haircut, shaved your face and are looking mighty fine for your date! But you forgot one thing! Where are you going to go? If you find yourself "stuck" without any ideas, then let your fellow QV man help you out! Here's what qvReaders across the nation said when we asked them, "What would be your idea of a creative night...one that would impress a date?"

"A night to impress my date would be lighting up the room with candles and fresh flowers, having a nice dinner by candle light, then sitting next to the fireplace and expressing my deep emotions." -28 years old, Fresno, CA

"I like to fly small planes, so we'd get a plane and fly to Catalina. Then we'd walk on the secluded beaches, then eat a light dinner. Afterwards, we'd fly back at night to LA and watch the beautiful city lights. We'd end the night by going dancing, then follow it by who knows what!" -38 years old, Los Angeles, CA

"To impress a date, we'd go drag racing with little miniature racing cars. Surprising a guy and not telling him where you're going is my idea of a creative date!" -32 years old, East LA, CA

"First, we'd go out for lunch at a Cuban restaurant by the beach. Then we'd rent a sail boat and enjoy the day on the endless sea. At the sight of darkness, we'd have a candle light dinner at a restaurant with an ocean view, where we'd hear the rolling waves in the background. Then we'd go dancing, and finally, end up back at the beach, where we'd lay down, star gaze, and then fall asleep in each other's arms." -18 years old, San Bernardino, CA

"A creative night would be to take a helicopter ride over the city of Los Angeles then have dinner at a nice restaurant...or take a boat ride and have dinner, afterwards." -35 years old, Los Angeles, CA

"A creative date would be to relax in a jacuzzi, rubbing my date's body with bath and body oils." -21 years old, Albuquerque, NM

"My idea of a creative date would be a walk in the rain, hugging each other under a small umbrella. Then, instead of going out, we'd go back home and cook a nice warm meal!" -25 years old, Miami, FL

"A creative night would be going to a museum then dinner at an expensive restaurant...and then ending it at the beach!" -36 years old, New York City, NY

"A creative date to me would be to make a basket for a picnic at the lake. We'd have great conversation and a nice sunset walk." -26 years old, Dallas, TX

"To impress a date, I'd pick him up in a limo in which we'd share a bottle of champagne on the way to dinner. Afterwards, we'd go to a beach and walk by the peaceful sea." -22 years old, Hayward, CA

"Dining out and swimming under the moonlight." -59 years old, Houston, TX

"A creative night for me would be a very old-fashion one-dinner and a movie! Then maybe a drive up to my favorite park overlooking the city lights and talking in the car until sunrise." -23 years old, Los Angeles, CA

"My date and I would meet for some coffee and get to know each other. Then we'd be off to an open mic to hear poetry, spoken word, etc., etc. Then we'd be off to a club for hip hop, R&B, and finally, wind down with a night cap." -23 years old, Phoenix, AZ

"To me, it means breaking the routine and going somewhere different like Six Flags Great Adventure. If it's summer, then we could talk at the beach." -19 years old, Valley Stream, NY

"I am a really nice and simple guy. To me a Blockbuster night would be perfect! We'd rent a movie, order pizza, and get to know each other. That'd be a perfect date!" -21 years old, Los Angeles, CA

"A creative date to me would be cooking a nice meal followed by some ice-breaking conversation. After the conversation, we'd cuddle on the couch, where I'd read my guy my favorite book!" -23 years old, West Covina, CA

"I'd do things that most people wouldn't normally do on a date such as going to the mall! Why? I'd want the person to see me as I am. My motto is, 'What you see is what you get-nothing more and nothing less.'" -33 years old, Waterbury, CT

"I'd do something really crazy like bungee jumping, camping out in the woods, or going to an amusement park. If my date did these things for me, I'd be impressed!" -18 years old, Diamond Bar, CA

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