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Latin Poetry for the Masses
New book by Robert Tinajero provides inspiration for every day life.

Simple ThoughtsIn a time when young, Hispanic males seem to be stereotyped as under-achievers comes the intriguing poetry of Robert Tinajero. Born and raised in El Paso, TX, this young Latino writer has taken his experiences and formal education to create a body of poetry which is both simple and complex, while remaining meaningful and real. Touching on issues of love, relationships, God, religion, ethics, writing, living, dying, etc., the author uses both vivid and subtle metaphors. This collection of poetry has the ability to have equal appeal the starry-eyed 15-year old, the 70-year old philosopher and everyone in between.

Poetry is not only about getting to the heart of what the author is thinking or feeling but is also about allowing the poet's words to spark thoughts in the reader's head and feelings in their heart. These poems are a chronological collection of this poet's thoughts and feelings during a six-year period. While the poems are derived from very personal thoughts and feelings, they can give voice to the experiences of those who read them. The poems are short and "simple," yet meant to be deep and complex in meaning. They are meant for the poet, the musician, the philosopher, the artist, the child, the adult, the lover, the fighter, the theologian, the scientist, the king and the servant, in all of us.

"Simple Thoughts" is available online at iuniverse.com, barnesandnoble.com, and amazon.com

Conferences for LGBT People!


The Pa'Fuera Pa'Lante Conference, which will be held October 6-7, 2001 in Boston, Massachusetts, is a conference that brings together LGBT Latinos/as from the Northeastern United States and Puerto Rico to address and inform the LGBT Latino/a community regarding issues such as lesbian health, immigration laws, HIV/AIDS treatment issues, domestic violence, bias crimes and welfare reform. It also seeks to strengthen the community by forming coalitions and developing relationship among Northeastern US LGBT Latino organizations, and to celebrate a common cultural heritage as well as respect and cherish the differences in our culture. For more information about the Pa'Fuera Pa'Lante Conference, visit www.pafuerapalante.org or call (617) 350-6900.


The 9th Annual Models of Pride Conference will take place on Saturday, October 27, 2001 at Occidental College in Highland Park, California. This free conference is for LGBT youth ages 14-23 of all races who are coping with the issues of coming out or are exploring the nature of their sexuality. The conference provides LGBT youth with an opportunity to ask questions of themselves and their peers, to explore the nature of their orientation and their community, to gain an understanding about how their community relates to society in general, and to realize that allies exist for them. Don't miss this important and fun conference! This is your opportunity to learn about yourself and your community and to meet others who respect you for who you are. For more information on the conference, please visit www.modelsofpride.org or call (323) 692-9320.

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