A QV Film That is "Straight" Acting?
Craig Kestel spearheads a new generation of QV films.
By Jade Esteban Estrada, Celebrity Feature Writer

Not long ago, QV roles in feature films were almost always presented in ways that were inappropriate and offensive. But times are changing and director/ screenwriter Craig Kestel is riding high on the new wave of QV subject matter with a new film project cleverly titled, "Straight."

The film is a "dramedy" that follows the life of a confused teenager as he prepares to enter college.

"'Straight' is written from a straight point of view," explains 25-year-old Kestel. "It's the story of this guy who digs his best friend. He gets the chance to be with him-and that is what happens."
Kestel feels something special for this screenplay. "I feel I have written a story with heart," he says. "My circle of friends, who are mostly film people, keep telling me, 'this is the one.'"

He adds, "I wouldn't call this biographical or even semi-biographical. However, I think in every character there is a little bit of me."

Kestel himself downplays the importance of his sexuality as an active factor in his work.

"I don't see it (my sexuality) as important," he muses. "I grew up in New York and I was exposed to all the elements-much more than most. I never saw sexuality as an issue. My world has not changed because of my sexuality."

Kestel charmingly evades any insight into his love life. "I have no time for a relationship. I write about relationships so there's no point in being in one, at least for now."

"My main objective in my artistic career is to tell stories and make a living out of it. I have made a story I enjoy watching."

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