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This is a truly exciting time for us here at qvMagazine as we are finding ourselves growing by leaps and bounds! As of this issue, qvMagazine will now be available for purchase at Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores nationwide! This growth means that qvMagazine is now, by far, the largest and most powerful Latino magazine in the nation, and we wanted to say thank you for being a part of it!

In addition to the print magazine, we have improved our award-winning website at www.qvmagazine.com, which has now attracted over one million readers across the country! Furthermore, we are proud to announce that we have added "qvTelevision" to the website. This new division features your favorite celebrities talking to qvMagazine about the QV community, the Latino community, or the Latino community. It's certainly a great way to see and hear what your favorite celebrities have to say about our community!

This leads us to our new issue-qv15, "The Flashback Issue." This first-of-its-kind issue takes you back in time-on a groovy journey back through the last century.

Some of the most evident changes over the years has been in fashion. Decade to decade, clothing styles have undergone many incarnations, and hair styles have changed dramatically. qvMagazine's exclusive photographer extraordinaire, Luther Orrick-Guzman, has captured that evolution of style in a glorious qvFlashback Fashion Spectacular (seen only in the print version). From the Golden Age of Hollywood to the Groovy '60s to the New Wave '80s, this impressive fashion spread is a faithful chronicle of a Century of Latin Style.

In keeping with the Flashback theme, we also asked you about your favorite childhood memories. Remember everything you did as a kid? Well, you told us a lot about your childhood-from your favorite books, toys, super heroes, movies, and music, to even the age of your first kiss! We'll show you all the fun stuff and the changes that's happened over the years for Latinos.

On the celebrity tip, we talked to Cypress Hill. Find out what they told us about their music-and more! Plus, on a special note, we interviewed the late Tito Puente, a man who entertained millions of people world wide. Before his death in late May 2000, we conducted an interview with this special man, who broke a lot of barriers for the Latino community. Read this special interview-an interview which turned out to be one of his last.

Finally, qvMagazine was out with the stars at the 2000 ALMA Awards, which aired on ABC on June 17, 2000. qvMagazine was named the first Latino magazine to sponsor the awards, a major accomplishment for our Latino community because it showed that the general Latino community was there to welcome us!

It is no doubt that we, the Latino community, are moving forward. As for qvMagazine, we are proud to be a leader in representing the Latino community in a way that deserves respect and dignity. And lastly, we are proud that you are part of us, and no matter what we do in life, if we stick together, we will go far! Enjoy the new issue!

The qvStaff

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