Latinos Tell Us About Their Favorite Childhood Memories:

Remember when you were 12 or 13 years old? You were still a kid-and at that time, most of you knew you were QV! If you go further back in time, at a younger age, you can say, you were a QV kid, who didn't know it at the time! With this in mind, let's look at some of your favorite memories growing up as a "QV kid." Here's what you told us:

I remember wrapping a towel around my neck and jumping from couch to couch-pretending to be Superman. Ohh! I can't believe I just shared that!
-26 years old, Foothill Ranch, CA

I remember my mom singing, "You are my sunshine!" That always made me smile.
-27 years old, Long Island, NY

On my 7th birthday, my parents bought me a cake and a huge swing set! It was fun because all of the neighborhood kids were there, and we played all day! I can even remember what my birthday cake looked like: it had a surfer surfing on it. I remember I was curious as to how they made a big blue wave out of the icing!
-23 years old, Victorville, CA

It was the winter of 1978, and it was the first time I saw snow! I was really small. It was so much fun! I remember making snow castles and hiding in them with my friends.
-29 years old, Lowell, MA

My most cherished childhood memory would have to be the water balloon fights between the rival streets-Patton Street and Laveta Terrace in Echo Park. Because the two streets were connected by an alley way, things would get crazy, wet, and wild! And of course, there were the war games! But my friend George would never die-even if you shot him over and over again. Those were the days!!
-37 years old, Los Angeles, CA

I remember sailing and snorkeling in the Atlantic Ocean with my father and brothers while my mom stayed on shore reminding us every other moment to watch out for sharks!
-29 years old, Chicago, IL

I grew up with eight brothers and sisters, and on Saturday mornings, we'd do chores around the house as we watched cartoons and American Bandstand. We cleaned the entire house as we danced to Dick Clark's latest hits!
-33 years old, San Antonio, TX

I remember going to school and playing with all my friends (who were mostly girls!). We'd have fun and always run from the boys because they'd chase us! But now I chase them!
-19 years old, Cypress, CA

I remember acting like Wonder Woman! I'd dress up in my mom's satin night robe, put on her knee high go-go boots, and use my trusty golden laso. I'd hunt my little brother down and ask him for the truth of the disappearing power crystals!
-25 years old, Fort Worth, TX

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