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What Does Success Mean To You?
Well, as you might have known, Webster's Dictionary defines success as, "the gaining of fame or prosperity." But isn't there more to success than just that? Can't success also be emotional, physical, or spiritual? Here's what you told us about success-and what it means to you.

Ricardo"Success is not about money. To me, it is a state of mind. It's being happy with who you are and making your dreams come true." -35 years old

"Success is when you suddenly realize that nothing matters more than being able to enjoy the things you already have." -28 years old

"Success is spiritual because if you are satisfied inside, you should be at peace." -20 years old

"If you have food on the table and someone to sleep with then you're successful. I don't go hungry too often!" -39 years old

"I believe that success is believing in yourself and knowing that everything happens for a reason. It also means having God in your life." -32 years old

"I define success by my day to day happiness and personal growth." -43 years old

"Success is spiritual. Without faith, there is no possible way one can make it through the trials of everyday life." -23 years old

"Success, for me, means remaining true to the values and morals that my family had instilled in me. It means just being a good person because good things will happen to you." -29 years old

"I define success emotionally because if you're not happy with yourself then you're not happy at all."-26 years old

"Success means emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial stability. In order to be successful, you have to have the complete package!" -23 years old

"I define success as being happy and enjoying what you do without having to please others. Success, emotionally, is when you can honestly look at yourself and say that you are not lonely or depressed. Success, financially, is when your are not living paycheck by paycheck. Success, spiritually, is when you can acknowledge a God. Success, physically, is when you are not destroying your body with drugs or bad foods." -26 years old

"Success? I don't know. I still need to figure out what that means to me." -19 years old

"I define success as spiritual because it is from within that helps you with your emotions, your physical strength, and your life." -21 years old

"That's a tough one. Success for me is achieving happiness." -27 years old

"Success, in my opinion, is a very emotional thing. I have always thought that the most successful people are those who have done something positive to change injustices and leave an indelible impression on the world-people like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and Cesar Chavez." -24 years old

"Success means having spiritual success. You must first do the work at becoming a whole person. Only then does everything else fall into place. Physical success is important, but inward beauty is most important." -42 years old

"I define success as a person who has accomplished his or her goals in life. Financially, it means a person who has organized his or her money. Spirituality, it means being comfortable with his or her self. And physically, it means treating your body as a sacred temple." -21 years old

"Being happy means being successful. Emotionally, it means finding a nice guy to spend the rest of my life with and being accepted by my family. Spiritually, it means loving others as God loves me. We as QV people have souls and we are all called to love!" -28 years old

"Success is when you are at peace with yourself, when you can give yourself freely to others, and when you have the strength to stop injustice whenever and wherever you see it." -39 years old

"I think success starts with a connection with God." -31 years old

"What is success? I don't know. I haven't reached it yet. Success in my opinion is a point in your life where you feel comfortable with yourself and your surroundings. Success doesn't have to be emotional, financial, spiritual, or physical, those things are second things. First, you have to come to terms with yourself and be comfortable with yourself-then all those other emotions will follow." -18 years old

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