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Telemundo's comedy series "Los Beltran" will tackle a QV coming out storyline.

NEW YORK--The Telemundo Network will soon broadcast an episode of its popular Spanish language sitcome "Los Beltran" that will make history for the Latino lesbian, QV, and bisexual community. As advertised in previews for this particular episode, an ongoing QV character will attempt to hide his homosexuality from his visiting father. In the preview, it is strongly implied that, unbeknownst to his son, the father will also turn out to be QV.

The TV episode with the coming out storyline was originally scheduled to run on Sunday, February 6, 2000, but for program scheduling reasons, the show ill air on a later unspecified date.

However, Telemundo has assured Andres Duque, Coordinator of Mano a Mano, a New York Latino agency, that the show ill air on a future date. In the meantime, Duque urges everyone to watch other episodes of "Los Beltran," which he says is the first ongoing Spanish language sitcom in the United States to include a QV couple as lead characters and to reflect QV issues in a positive way.

Duque says, "There have been several recent Spanish language television soaps with positive representations of QV characters, but there has never been a show with ongoing QV characters on Spanish language television.

"Los Beltran" airs Sunday evenings at 8p.m. EST. For more information on Telemundo's programming, please visit www.telemundo.com.

Quinceanera: Texas Style

Austin Latina/o LGBT Agency Celebrates its 15th Anniversary.

ALLGOAUSTIN, TX--The Austin Latina/o Lesbian and QV Organization (ALLGO) celebrated its fifteenth anniversary with a huge Baile de Amor on February 11, 2000 at the North Hilton Hotel and Towers in Austin, Texas. ALLGO is one of the nation's longest-surviving LGBT agencies for people of color.

The Baile de Amor is one of ALLGO's most important fundraisers and serves as one of Austin's largest LGBT celebrations as it draws people from all parts of the state. Funds raised at the event help support many of ALLGO's programs including support groups for men and women, cultural programs, and health education efforts.

For more information about ALLGO, please call (512) 472-2001 or e-mail allgoinc@aol.com.

New Lesbiana Magazine!
New magazine in LA for our Lesbiana sisters.

Latinas L.A.qvMagazine WARMLY welcomes the arrival of Latinas L.A.-a much-needed new magazine for Lesbianas in Los Angeles. It is absolutely wonderful to see our Lesbian hermanas get together to create a publication to call their own!

Latinas L.A. is a monthly publication that includes news, poetry, music, politics, horoscopes, and lots of pictures of all the beautiful women having fun in Los Angeles.

It's a truly wonderful sign of the times to see so many positive resources for Latino/a QVs and lesbians spring up across the country.

qvMagazine wishes Latinas L.A. the best of luck and hopes they have a long and prosperous future.

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