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Julio EditorialDear qvFamilia

Welcome to qv13. The Success Issue! We are so excited to introduce you to the new qvMagazine--filled with many new changes, including a new cover design and eight new full-color pages! These changes represent yet another milestone for qvMagazine and show how greatly you, our faithful readers, have helped us grow over the last two years. From San Diego to New York, Seattle to Miami, we thank you for your support--especially for being part of the qvFamilia and for making qvMagazine the #1 Latino magazine in the nation!

To kick things off right, we've got success on our minds! This is our way of introducing a positive prelude for the future. Success can mean a variety of things. It can mean having a plethora of positive groundbreaking accomplishments or it can mean having a lot of material things. It can mean doing instead of watching. It can mean making a name that everyone will remmeber you by. Yet still, for others it can mean living a happy life.

For us here at qvMagazine, success means showcasing our beautiful gente in a powerful way that allows them to share their talents with the nation. It also means showing our readers that it's okay to be who you are and that you should respect yourself. All in all, success to us means breaking stereotypes and showing the world that we can achieve physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial success.

When you think about it, our Latino culture is already praised for our successes by so many other cultures--much more than we might think. We are praised for our foods, arts, and crafts. We are praised for how we think and speak. In fact, even the little things that make up our culture, such as a taco joint, pupuseria, or a favorite empanada restaurant.

In this issue of qvMagazine, we feature a variety of success stories--stories of people who are QV and who are not. These are important people who are making a difference in the community through their artistic talents, their athleticism, their careers, or through their own personal lives. One of these individuals is renowned Latino artist Antonio Rael, who has given much to the Latino community. Another success story is that of openly QV Los Angeles police officer, A.J. Rotella. We also spotlight rising artist Lilia Veronica Rivera de Lomeli. And on the celebrity tip, we unveil the qvInterview everyone's been waiting for--our exclusive interview with Oscar de la Hoya, one of the most successful Latino boxers of all time!

With these stories in mind, just remember that no matter how you define success, it is wise to use it to achieve peace, harmony, and prosperity. Use it to live a life that you can be proud of. So go out and be the best person you can be! Once again, we thank you for being part of the qvFamily as we proudly present the new qvMagazine--The Success Issue!

The qvStaff

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