Sandra Vidal
Latina model, singer, and actress is paving her way to success.
Photo and interview by Luther Orrick-Guzman

Sandra VidalMulti-talented model, singer, and actress Sandra Vidal is poised for success. The Argentinian-born beauty queen was one of the stars of the Telemundo series "Angeles" and is currently recording her first album. qvMagazine spoke with Sandra about her many projects and her views about the QV community

How did you get involved in the entertainment industry? I won a beauty pageant in Punta Del Este, Uruguay. I was then asked to model in Paris, but my parents wouldn't let me. I have two other sisters and everyone was like, "What do you mean you want to sing and act? You need to finish your degree in Economics-at the University!" My parents consulted a priest, hoping the priest would oppose the modeling issue as well. But to my parent's surprise, the priest supported my career move.

Then what happened? I began my career as a print model in Paris, Milan, Madrid, etc. Later, a fashion personality in Argentina invited me to conduct a television show in Buenos Aires. Soon after, I was conducting another fashion TV show, which gave me a lot of experience in how to walk, talk, move, and interact with an audience. It wasn't long before I started getting guest spots on a lot of TV shows, but I was always typecast as a television conductor until one day I was asked to do a romantic scene-that's when I started working as an actress.

I understand you are working on an album? Yes. Right now, all my energy is devoted to recording my album, which is due to be released in July 2000. The album has songs that I like in Spanish and English. The album will include covers and originals. One song for instance is a Spanglish version of a very popular Cher song.

How has being famous changed your life? When I was discovered in Punta del Este, I was just a 16 year old girl who didn't even wear make up. But I was no different than any of my peers, and although I kind of stumbled into a different lifestyle with modeling, I felt comfortable in it. My parents taught me that no one is more important than anyone else-we are all the same, we're all children of God. I would walk with an old pair of jeans and a shirt into these fancy hotels, and I'd get these surprised looks from these proper women wearing big hats with veils.

When you were taping "Angeles" did you get any special training for those fight scenes? Yeah, I had someone from the Division of Intelligence of Argentina train me. I learned how to shoot and cover people. I also studied professional spies to see how they worked and thought.

What do you feel are the most important things in a relationship? Well, admiration for one another, being able to support your partner when needed-and physical attraction.

Do you have a large QV following? I have a lot of QV friends and peers.

Do you believe that QV is synonymous with artistic? No, I think that anyone who allows him/herself to grow and have an ambition for the arts can succeed at it. I don't think sexual orientation has anything to do with it. I just think some people are afraid of creating art.

Do you think we are very far from having QVs represented on television dramas in the same light as straight actors? No, in Argentina there are series where QV couples are included as part of the storyline. Lesbian couples, for instance, are seen playing a regular life with drama, love, etc. QV male couples interact with hetero couples. They all have emotions, and the series I'm talking about is called, "La Verdad Consequente" (The Consequence of the Truth).

What are your goals? I want to win a Grammy, an Oscar, get married-and have a family!

What do you have in store in regards to acting? I've got a couple projects-one for TV and another for film.

Any messages for your fans? Never give up and never feel like you don't deserve anything in life.

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