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What Would You Do With $1,000,000?
Admit it! You've been glued to the television set every night watching contestants square off with Regis Philbin on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire." And who knows-maybe one of us will get the opportunity to go on the show. But if not, we can always dream about what it would be like to become a millionaire! With this in mind, we asked our qvReaders what they would do if they suddenly found themselves with $1,000,000. And as Regis would say, here are your "final answers."

"I would throw it up in the open sky, and let everyone have their share!!!" -22 years old

"Save it until I became a billionaire!" -21 years old

"First and foremost, I would hire a financial advisor to help me invest in successful companies-to make more money. Then family would come next (primos and tios would come out of the woodwork, right?) and then I would buy a home in the tropics, probably San Pedro, Belize, or Yucatan Mexico" -41 years old

"I would travel the world-and the seven seas...just kidding. I would buy my mom a house and my man anything he wanted." -25 years old

"I would go to Harvard and travel the world." -17 years old

"I'd pay my debts! Establish good credit, pay off school loans, buy a home for my mother, go on world-wide vacation, and start my own Latin QV club." -22 years old

"I would distribute $250,000 among my family members. Then put another $250,000 in stocks, and live on $100,000 and the stock money. I would donate the rest to causes I see fit." -21 years old

"I would apply to the best university and pay for the expenses with the money. Since I suddenly became a millionaire, I'd buy a house, give some money to my family, buy a new car to get myself to school, and donate the rest to charity." -19 years old

"I would support all QV and lesbian causes, open a Latino coffeehouse, open a disco and restaurant. I would also open a Latino teen center." -35 years old

"I would buy a new Mercedes-Benz! Invest in stocks, buy a home in Mexico, and then help people with what's left." -21 years old

"I already became a millionaire, and it didn't change my life." -44 years old

"I would travel and help my family. I'd even help my lover's family, too" -30 years old

"I would help the children, church, and the homeless." -29 years old

"I'd organize a philanthropic organization that would provide education, housing, and employment to less fortunate individuals." -37 years old

"I'd buy my mom everything she's ever wanted! Of course, I'd help out all of my family with any money problems, and I would continue my education-and invest, too." -20 years old

"I would reserve plenty of money to go shopping, to buy a brand new car, and most importantly, to buy my mother a new house." -21 years old

"If I became a millionaire, I would start a QV teen support group." -23 years old

"I would buy myself a small but comfortable home, a new car, pay my school loans and donate money on research for various diseases." -22 years old

"I would become a student again. If you ever get hooked on college and learning-believe me, you'll never want to leave." -28 years old

"I would pay all my bills, take care of my parents, and do all the things that I ever wanted to." -23 years old

"I'd invest it and develop a foundation to give out scholarships to Latinos." -30 years old

"I would travel the world: Paris, Milan, Italy, Greece, and Rome." -18 years old

"I would buy a newer Porsche, and invest the money in stocks. I would start a business and help other people!" -29 years old

"I would share it with my familia, and I would start a program to help young Latinos." -23 years old


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