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As your Dear Papi, it's great to be here, and as always, I'm here to help you in any way possible. Of course, I know that boy troubles are a part of life, and it's a painful feeling to have your heart broken, so if this is happening to you, or if there's anything else on your mind, talk to me. E-mail me at DearPapi@qvMagazine.com.

Dear Papi
In high school, I had this friend who was open about his QV sexuality. At the time, he asked me if I was into fellas, and because I didn't want others to know I was QV, I told him, "No!" Anyway, we both graduated, and I still talk to him, but how can I tell him I'm QV even after I told him that I didn't get into fellas?

Dear Mijo,
It should be easy to talk to your friend about your QV sexuality, especially since you know your friend is QV, too. As a friend, he should understand that in high school, you were not ready to come out. But now that you have graduated and now that there's no high school peer pressure, you can tell him you feel more comfortable revealing yourself. It seems like you two could become even better friends now. If anything, you both will be able to talk about all your common interests without holding back. Good luck, mijo and open that closet door.


Dear Papi,
I am a 21 year old Latino male. My problem is that I'm great friends with my cousin, Oscar, who is only 15 years old. I'm not sure how he will react when he finds out that I'm bisexual or possibly QV. I think he has a clue because he notices that I don't have a girlfriend. My question is, "Will he still hang around me if he knows about my sexuality?" I would be hurt if my relationship with him ended because of my situation. -Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
If you think Oscar suspects that you might be QV or bisexual, you should probably talk to him and let him know that a friendship should not be based on one's sexuality. Instead, it should be based on whether or not a person has a good heart. You might have to test the waters first to see how Oscar feels about QV or bisexual people in general. Of course, if you do decide to come out, Oscar might need some time for himself, but in the end, if he truly values your friendship and if he truly values you as a family member, then he should love you for who you are. Good luck, mijo!


Dear Papi,
My name is Ed, and I met this guy about a month ago. We've been going out, but he's been telling me that he has somebody. I don't know if he really has someone or if he's just telling me that to see what my reaction will be. In either case, I like him a lot, but I don't know what to think about him. -Ed

Dear Ed,
Your relationship with this guy is only in its early stages and he's already giving off bad signals. If he really does have a boyfriend, yet is still seeing you, then that's a sign of bad character. Be assured that if you do get together with him, he'll mostly likely cheat on you, too. Now on the other side, if he doesn't have a boyfriend then he's obviously playing head games with you. In either case, the guy doesn't sound like a very good person and you should move on. You need to find a relationship with an honest man who is indeed single and who will give you respect-from the start.


Dear Papi,
I have a little bit of a problem. I am a very attractive 20 year old black male. I love Latin guys. But whenever I am attracted to a particular guy, he'll tell me he's not interested in me because I'm black. That really hurts me. Then I'll meet another Latino, who'll tell me he loves black guys, which is cool, but then I won't be attracted to him. What should I do? -Black guy in WeHo.

Dear Black guy in WeHo,
In life, finding the right soul mate takes time. And believe it or not, whether you're short or tall, skinny or fat, black, brown, or white, there will eventually be someone who's going to be attracted to you-and whom you will be attracted to as well. So if you are looking for a Latino man, my suggestion is, of course, to keep on trying, but make the journey fun. Keep the doors open to love, but don't force it. Your character should be the reason why someone does or doesn't want to be with you, not the shade of your skin. Good luck with everything!

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