qvProps to Latina Magazine!

In its November 1999 issue, Latina ran perhaps its most QV-friendly issue to date. In an article entitled, "My Child is QV, Que Hago?" writer Leila Cobo-Hanlon profiled several QV children and their relationships with their parents. The writer also encouraged all parents whose children might come out to them as QV or lesbian to give their children love and understanding.
In the same issue, Latina also profiled Latino actor Wilson Cruz (whom qvMagazine interviewed in qv9 "Romance"). In the interview, Cruz spoke openly about being an out and proud Latino.

It is truly encouraging to see mainstream Latino media run articles that are positively-written and supportive of QV and lesbian youth. qvMagazine extends its gratitude to Latina on behalf of the entire Latino community.

LLEGO Launches La Familia 2000
Historic initiative announced by National Latino/a LGBT Organization.

SAN DIEGO, CA--LLEGO, the National Latino/a Lesbian, QV, Bisexual and Transgendered Organization, announced at its 7th Annual Encuentro on October 8, 1999, that it will be launching a new initiative on behalf of all LGBT Latino/as. The initiative, called "La Familia 2000" is in response to the LGBT community's growth and complexity as it approaches the new millennium. The initative's goals include increasing the visibility of Latino/a LGBTs, and providing effective tools in addressing and responding to civil and human rights issues.

To learn more about "La Familia 2000," please contact LLEGÓ at 1-888-633-8320 or visit www.llego.org.

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