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JorgeDear qvReaders

Welcome to the new issue of qvMagazine, our 2nd Anniversary Issue--qvXII. The last two years have been absolutely incredible for us. The love and support we've received from our readers has truly inspired us to make qvMagazine the nation's largest and most respected Latino publication in the market. To each and every person and organization that has supported us along the way, thank you for helping us inspire, motivate, and change the lives of many Latinos-for the better.

This 2-Year Anniversary Issue also marks our second annual "Sexuality Issue." Last year, when we tackled the topic of sexuality, we looked at ourselves from within-what we, as Latinos, do sexually and how we feel about our sexualities. This time around, we decided to do something different by looking at the bigger picture and exploring how we, as Latinos, co-exist with the rest of the heterosexual world.

Quite often, we hear stories in both mainstream and QV media about the hatred and mistreatment that QVs receive from straights. But what's often overlooked is the fact that there are millions of straight people who have positive relationships with openly QV family members, QV best friends, and QV co-workers. These straight compadres y comadres deserve to be recognized and thanked.

In our annual "Sexy Hombres" section (seen only in the print version), we wanted to show that true beauty, especially in our Latino culture, transcends a person's sexual orientation. So for the first time ever, we've included both QV guys and straight guys in this special section-because these guys are beautiful in all ways possible: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

As we discussed, in our last issue, qv11 Pride, it's important for us as Latinos to remember who we are. It's important for us to transcend the stereotypes of homosexuality-and to show everyone that we are loving and spiritual human beings just like every one else. But just as important, it's wise for us to allow ourselves to function and integrate with the rest of the world--in a positive way.
In challenging times, instead of throwing hate, try love. In difficult moments, instead of being bitter, try forgiveness. When we show this positivity to others, it will reflect back towards us, and the world will be a better place.

So open your mind, fill your heart with positive energy, and enjoy the Sexuality II Issue of qvMagazine!

-The qvStaff


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