It's A Divine Thing!
A new play puts the death of Joey Stefano in perspective

Marcus ReynagaUp-and-coming Latino heartthrob Marcus Reynaga will take the stage this winter to portray Joey Stefano in Michael Patrick Spillers' new stage play "Divine Thing: The Joey Stefano Story."

Joey Stefano skyrocketed to the top of the QV porn world, but ultimately, his legendary career ended in his tragic death, the details of which continue to fuel the QV-gossip rumor mill.
Now, five years after Joey's death, "Divine Thing" promises to shed some light on the man behind the myth as well as the bizarre glitz and glamour of '90s hipster porn culture-embodied by what came to be known as the "QV Porn Brat Pack": a clique of QV studs, journalists, and porn starlets led by notorious drag queen/auteur Chi Chi LaRue.

The play is written and directed by Michael Spillers, the man behind last year's hit stageplay, "White Boy," about a young Latino homeboy who comes to terms with being QV.
With "Divine Thing," Spillers says, "We've chosen to bypass the whole tabloid angle. Instead, we focus on mythic poetry: Joey's fall from grace. He was really a dark, wounded angel. His death raises important questions for our community. How do we artfully celebrate our sexuality without falling for the facades, the beauty-cults, the self-destruction?"

To prepare for the part of the fallen porn star, lead actor Marcus Reynaga told qvMagazine that he really had to sink his teeth into the role. "I read the few books that are out on him, and I talked to a lot of people who knew him. And, of course, I watched a lot of his movies-which was really hard work (laughs)."

"He was a really interesting guy," Marcus says of Joey. "He wasn't someone that I'm going to say that he was this great guy who you should fashion your life after, but I think his life has a lot to say, not just about QV porn but about QV culture in a lot of ways. It's about a person who had a really messed up past and who was looking for love in all the wrong places. I think that's what his story pretty much sums up. Joey knew how to work a crowd, but when it came to being with someone who he really cared about, he just really didn't know how to relate to that without using his body."
"I think Joey was a very weak person," Marcus continues. "He did a lot of the things he did because he wasn't smart or strong enough to resist. It was an easy way to get what he wanted."

Marcus emphasizes that this play will not necessarily be what most people expect. "One thing that fascinates me about the play is people's reaction when I tell them that I'm doing the show. Their first reaction is, 'Oh, you're going to be on stage with your clothes off!' Yes, there will be a point where I am, but the show itself is not your typical show. Once people see the opening scene, they're going to realize they're in for quite a different show. I'm sure a lot of people will see it because they're curious or want to get turned on, but when they walk out, they're going to have something else on their minds. I think people will walk out asking themselves a lot of questions."

"Divine Thing: The Joey Stefano Story" opens December 3, 1999 at the St. Genesius Theatre in Hollywood, CA. For more information, call (626) 293-3334.

qvBook Review
New book--with a Latino twist!

Christ Like"Christ-Like" - by Emanuel Xavier (Painted Leaf Press)

Nuyorican author and poet Emanuel Xavier unleashes his debut novel, "Christ-Like," with all the fury of an East Coast winter blizzard.

The book chronicles the dramatic life of Mickey, a Latino New Yorker whose troubled childhood of mental, physical, and sexual abuse leads him into a young adulthood of hustling and drugs. And while the tale of Mickey's troubled life vividly depicts a decadent life in New York City's underground QV club scene, the true grit of the story lies in Mickey's search for happiness and his search for faith in God.

Absolutely captivating and beautifully written, "Christ-Like" is a book that every Latino must read. Emanuel Xavier, who was recently awarded the 1999 LLEGO Premio Cultura award for his contribution to QV and Latino culture, is the kind of writer whose gift for words will undoubtedly take him far--very far.


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