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Menudo for the Soul
Latin quartet MDO spices up the Latin music charts.

MDOThe completely remodeled Menudo-known today as MDO-is hot! With their incredible artistry and charm, these four young men have established themselves as one of the biggest new Latin music groups on the scene. The multi-nationality group consist of 20-year-old Abel, a green-eyed Mexican-American who was born in Texas; Anthony, a 20-year-old Venezuelan-Columbian; 20-year-old Didier from Havana, Cuba; and Alex, who at 22, and was born in New York and is of Dominican descent. MDO recently scored its first number 1 hit on Billboard's Latin Tracks Chart with the song "No Puedo Olvidar." Now they're back with a new smash hit, "Dame Un Poco Mas," and they're anxiously awaiting the release of their forthcoming English-language album. MDO spoke with qvMagazine during the singing group's stop in Los Angeles last July.

What role do each of you play in the group?
Abel: We're all lead singers and we're all background singers. We all dance, we all write, and we're very involved with our productions-from musical arrangements to lyrics and everything else.

What songs do you sing, Abel?
Abel: I sing. "Dame Un Poco Mas" and "Diana."

Who is the most hyperactive person in the group?
Anthony: That must be me. I'm always jumping around. I'm know for singing "Toma Mi Mano"-which is a song about escaping-by taking my hand, and I take your body and we start to dance and....(he moans and gyrates his hips)! I also sing "Baila la Rumba" which is a song where many rhythms are combined-like Mexican-styled trumpets, Samba, and a Spanish flair. It's my personal favorite.

All of you write and arrange. Do you have any contributing writers?
Abel: Yes. Our first single, "No Puedo Olvidar," was written by Tomas Torres, who was the lead musical arranger of the album along with Alex Grillón and myself. But about half of the album includes cuts written entirely by us.

How has MDO grown?
Alex: We're very happy right now about a lot of our newer material because we've matured a lot and the production is clearly a reflection of that growth. The video for "Un Poco Mas" was taped in New York and is a very mature video. We had a lot of beautiful models (the rest giggle). There are a lot of cool...(pauses)...things in the video.

So are you telling me the video was strong in content or it was pornographic?
Alex: Oh no! Nothing like that. We have too many young fans to do something like that.

In the old days, Menudo members retired at a certain age. What is the current MDO membership rule? Who gets in, who gets out...
MDO: In and out!? Hey! Careful there.... (Laughter)

Abel: One of the changes Menudo has gone through, along with the name change, is that nobody has to leave at a certain age or anything like that. We're all in our 20s, and we're here to stay. We have a lot of goals we want to reach as a group, so we're going to continue as long as we can. One goal that we're about to reach is that we're recording an English album right now to come out this fall. We want to conquer the world with our music, so until we do that, nobody is stopping us.

You guys have played with The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Baily Circus. How did the idea of touring with the circus come about?
Abel: It just became part of our tour. When they asked us if we wanted to do a show with the circus, we all said, "Yeah!" It was like a dream come true. We're touring 40 cities across the U.S. Our tour dates are constantly changing, but if you want to keep up to date, visit our website at: www.mdo.org

What is it like to be constantly on the road?
MDO: It's a lot of work!

Abel: But we do have time for our families.

Didier: We live in Miami and that's where our families are. Whenever we have two or three days off, we take time to spend it with our families and friends.

Abel: Plus, if we're going to be gone too long, we're able to take our families with us.

Are you guys able to have serious relationships, or is it just impossible?
Abel: Actually, I'm married and I have a child.

Alex: And I just got married.

It is common for a group like yours to get mobbed by girls everywhere you go. Have you been mobbed by guys as well?
All: YES!

Didier: But the important thing is that we all have something in common and that is our music.

How do you feel about your QV fans?
Alex: We have a large QV following. I can say that the young men who admire us mean everying in the world to us, as do the rest of our fans. Our QV fans keep our career alive. They attend our shows and I fell without that kind of support, any artist would have trouble surviving. .

Abel: Yeah! (Enthusiastically chiming into the coversation) It doesn't matter if a person is QV, straight, bi, male, female or whatever.


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