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MartinDear qvReaders

Welcome to qv11-The Pride Issue! It seems like 1999 will go down in history as one in which record numbers of Latinos made their presence felt at QV pride festivals across the country. One of the most gratifying moments for Latinos came on August 1, 1999, in Los Angeles, where several thousand gente showed up for the "1st Annual LAtin Pride Festival." It was amazing to see so many Latinos and non-Latinos alike come out to celebrate our beautiful culture.

Because pride is so much at the top of our minds right now, we have dedicated this entire issue to this subject. When we think of pride, we think of so many things-ranging from accepting ourselves as Latino, as QV-as appreciating our culture, or just having a sense of belonging. We feel proud of ourselves when we reach a goal, complete a task, or do something for someone else. On a community level, we feel pride when we know that we belong to a group-be it our family, our QV community, our Latino community, or any other community.

True and honest pride is important because it allows us to grow and develop. It's the seed that allows us to gain the self-acceptance and the confidence in ourselves so that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. When we don't have pride in ourselves, something negatively happens to us and affects us mentally, spiritually, or physically. We become ashamed of who we are. We develop a low self-esteem and find ourselves in sadness, depression, jealousy, obsessive competitiveness, and even vanity.

The goal of having pride-the type of pride we encourage is the type of pride where you accept yourself so that you can develop healthily, overcome negativity, and live your life happily. When it comes down to it, it so much easier to achieve a productive life when you feel good about yourself, than when you feel bad about yourself.

Incidentally, pride is something we should celebrate on a daily basis-not just once a year at a festival. Every morning when we wake up and every night before we go to bed, we should say to ourselves, "I'm proud of who I am-inside and out." When we do this, we validate ourselves and give ourselves hope for our future and the future of the people who surround us.

In this issue of qvMagazine, you will read various stories relating to pride: from Armando Molina's riveting testimonial on the "Power of Pride" to the views of Danny de la Paz in "What's Pride Got to do With It?"

It's an issue that will open your eyes and make you feel proud to be who you are. With this in mind, enjoy qv11- the Pride Issue!

The qvStaff


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