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Denver Spotlight
See what's up with Latinos in the "Mile High City"-Denver, Colorado!
By Gabriel S. Medina

DenverDenver, the "Mile High City," is definitely a city on the move. Located in the northern part of Colorado, Denver has seen an explosion in the number of new restaurants, shopping malls, and stadiums. QV visitors to the city can come and ride the thrill rides at the amusement park that sits right in the middle of the downtown business district. They can also check out the new giant aquarium, or dance and party at any of the city's QV nightclubs. And let's not forget what Denver is most famous for-the skiing!

Contrary to what you might think, Denver has a large concentration of fine Latino papis-mostly Mexicanos, with small mixes of Puertoriqueños, Peruanos, Colombianos, and others. And of course, Latinos lead the trends in style and fashion.
Because Denver is located right in the middle of the country, both East and West coast styles meld together and are blended with Denver's own unique style to create un estilo puro Denver. While the cold, snowy winters render V-neck sweater vests and heavy wool sweaters that are worn with baggy khakis or jeans, the scorching hot summer months allow the gente to show off a little more skin. This can be seen in the fashions shown here-worn for Summer of 1999.

Incidentally, Denver is a conservative city and the fashion reflects that conservative look, but a look that is distinctly Latino, yet somewhat "preppie." Our papi chulos are cool and relaxed as they sport the classic white tank tops (which can also be worn in army green, gray, black, and blue). By the way, cargo pants and shorts are also very popular in Denver especially since the drawstring makes them quite comfortable on those 90-degree summer days.

Plain cotton khakis are also quite popular in Denver. They are worn slightly baggy and held on the waist with a thick belt. Bucket hats are a popular way to give outfits that extra touch.

Many Denver gente are extreme label fanatics, wearing only designer name brands. However, there is also the classic cholo look, the sweats and baseball cap look, and of course, the flashy club look that dominates many of the QV clubs.

Denver certainly has its own distinct look, but remember-fashion is where you find it and style is what you make of it. So come and show your style in Denver-a beautiful city with a lot of class!


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