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How do Str8 Guyz See QV Guyz?
Chicago and Los Angeles straight boyz speak out! We talked to some straight guys and asked them to tell us how they see Latinos. Were they straight up with us?

Fernando Diaz
East Los Angeles, Editor-in-Chief of Oye Magazine.
Age? "Over 21 years old" (he laughs)

Do you know any QV people? I know tons! My QVdar is pretty accurate! I'd say my QVdar is about 95% accurate.

Do you find that you act differently around QV guys than when you're around your straight friends? Sometimes. It depends on which straight crowd I'm hanging out with. When I'm with my (straight) compadre, Rudy Robles, he is one of the most macho men I've ever known. With him, you can't joke around, bring up QV connotations, or mess around. With most of my QV friends, I can be myself, let it out, relax, and have fun.

If a guy ever hit on you, how would you react? That's actually happened a couple of times. To be fully honest, the first time it happened, I felt like I should get mad and fight, but my reaction wasn't that. My reaction was more like, "Hey,you know what? I'm not QV. This is awkward and uncomfortable. But I hope this doesn't end our friendship." It was a very respectful reaction. I was thinking about the other person's feelings because it must have been awkward for him, too. So I thought of how to say this without really hurting his feelings. I take full responsibility on how a QV guy is going to react by me saying "no" to him.

Fernando Diaz

How and when did you get past your prejudices? After I graduated from Cal Berkeley. My experience at Cal really opened my eyes, and it made me think a lot about people and their differences. It took me a little while, but I got over the initial feeling. After I graduated from Cal, I started seeing people around me and from my past, who were good friends, and I found out they were QV. I was like, "Oh, wow...that's cool."

Do you think the larger Latino population will learn to accept Latinos? I really don't know. A couple of people that I know have different views about it than I do. Everyone talks about machismo in the Latino community, but there's also machismo in the Black, Asian, Middle-Eastern, and especially in the white communities, too. I don't know why we always focus on it. That's a hard one because you have all these changes in demographics, all these new immigrants, and a rethinking and reshaping of American culture. I personally feel we should open up. I don't know what the numbers are, but the Latino population is enormous. I think if it happens, it will happen very slowly over time. I think that's unfortunate because I'd say 40% of my friends and business associates are QV and most of them are Latino.

Iván Baldoceda

Iván Baldoceda
Chicago, University of Illinois student majoring in Pre-Med., Biology
18 years old

How did you learn about homosexuality? As I grew up, there were some things that were different to me, so I asked. My parents, teachers, and friends told me. First, people who told me about homosexuality told me that if you dress "this way" or act "this way," you were QV. Later on, I learned that there are more things than that. I learned that being QV isn't bad, and there's nothing wrong with a person who's QV.

What are your feelings about Latinos? I don't see anything wrong with Latinos. If they're QV then they're QV. There's nothing wrong with it.

Do you know any Latinos? No, I don't.

If a close friend was to tell you that he was QV, how would you react? It's normal for everyone to be scared of different things. If one of my friends came out, I'd take it. I'm not going to leave him just because he's QV. If we've been friends for a long time, I'm not going to leave him. For what?

Have you ever gone to a QV club with friends, for the music or just to hang out? If not, would you ever consider going to a QV club with a group of friends? No, I've never been to a QV bar or a QV place. I don't see anything wrong with going with a group of friends-just to hang out.

Has someone who is QV ever hit on you? No-not that I know of.

Interviews by Gilberto Magaña-Cantú & Estevan Gonzales

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